Monthly Archive for January, 2009


Added Shingyoku‘s two humanoid forms to create.swf. Also added Kikuri, the girl on the coin. The caption thing is based on all those ads for “limited edition” and “ultra-rare” coins that are sold for hundreds of dollars, when the actual coins themselves are worth a few dollars.

While on the subject of create.swf, here’s this create.swf-Reimu ink stamp (Is that what they’re called? Probably not.) made by ?? from pixiv! It was actually made two weeks ago, but I didn’t actually notice it until earlier this week. Nifty.

Nitori Punch + Reimu Night of Nights

(swf | Nicovideo)

I guess you could say it’s a continuation of Pogo Nitori. This time, Nitori invents one of those extending punching-glove things. Or maybe two of them, if the second one counts. I actually thought of this before I made the pogo stick one, but there isn’t as much animating involved with boxing-glove-extending, and I felt more like animating a character than an object. Yeah.



And here’s this… from Nicovideo! An annoyed-looking Reimu and the first ~30 seconds of Night of Nights. It’s actually from last Saturday, so I guess it could be classified as old. But that doesn’t matter! The embedded video is looped because it’s so awesome that it needs to be watched more than once.

Courtroom Shows

If there existed a Judge Sikieiki Yamaxanadu show, I would watch it.

Pogo Nitori

(swf | Nicovideo)

Kappapa Kappapa Nitori on a pogo stick!

Kitsune-musume Papercraft

(Image directory)

Here’s a random fox girl (kitsune-musume) papercraft from this site. It was sorta hard to make; there were tons of small parts that required the use of toothpicks and ended up with multiple failed gluing attempts. I realized I messed up the head after the glue had dried, so I had to remove it, and it didn’t end well. Also, I couldn’t figure out how the hands were supposed to be assembled, so I just sorta just put a bunch of glue on it and randomly pushed things together. It definitely doesn’t look as nice as it’s supposed to, especially the mouth. Interestingly, the head and hair can be removed because they’re not actually glued on to anything, but I can’t really put it on anything because there’s a thing there.

Anyway, I feel like making some animated loops this week, but I don’t really have any ideas. Perhaps something involving Nitori and science, because I already sorta started drawing Nitori.