Monthly Archive for February, 2009

Reisen II + SWR Reisen

Added Reisen II (helmet and hair) and Reisen‘s SWR clothing to create.swf. There’s also a paper umbrella, a smoke pipe (DON’T SMOKE, KIDS!), and a brick.

Patchy Drums

I will edit this in a few seconds! Just posting now so it’s not too late! Okay, so here’s this. I actually made it a really really long time ago, but I’m only getting around to posting it now because I have nothing else to post today (spent way too much time browsing gaming websites and YouTube). Actually, I think it was the week of Thanksgiving (It wasn’t based on this other Patchy + Drums thing since that video came after I made this). Anyway, it was supposed to be a part of a bigger thing, but I never really got around to making that bigger thing, so I’ll just post this for now. There are three other short animated loops (of other characters) I made to go with this, so I guess I’ll post the others… uhh… when I have nothing else to post. Probably on Fridays.


Well, I was looking for “Products for lazy people” on Google for more examples for this daily flash, and I came upon a website that linked to this video (which I think is hilarious), and I ended up spending almost an hour watching some really funny commercial/infomercial parodies on YouTube. But then I realized I was in the middle of making a daily flash and then I ended up rushing it, so this daily flash ended up being kinda… not that good (not that it would have been that good anyway). Now if only there were a product that makes daily flashes for you when you’re being distracted by YouTube videos…

Also, Zazzle is having a $4 off all T-shirts sale (if you use the code “PATTYSHIRT09”), but unfortunately I still haven’t gotten a response from ZUN about being able to use Touhou characters on Zazzle shirts, so there’s only daily flash shirts on there now. Oh well, the sale ends next Tuesday, so maybe if he responds before then, I can put the Touhou shirts back up and people can take advantage of the sale. Or you could just buy daily flash shirts (although the only one I really like is the AWESOME! shirt).

Ripped Jeans

I don’t really understand ripped jeans being sold at stores, or the fact that people actually buy them. Although I don’t think I know anyone who has ever bought ripped jeans (and I don’t know too many people who actually wear ripped jeans, either). Also, I was surprised that there is actually a guide on how to rip your own jeans (probably on tons of other sites on the internet as well). Well okay, maybe not that surprised, but… yeah. I don’t really follow fashion trends, because I’m the kind of person who thinks things like “why would I pay a hundred dollars for an expensive brand-name label when I can just wear some less expensive clothes that feel exactly the same or better?” Except for people who pay more for clothes that are made with environmentally friendly methods and materials or non-sweatshop labor, because I can understand that. I don’t know where I’m going with this, but it’ll probably waste time that I could be using to do other things, so I’ll stop now.

Oh yeah, and also, there’s this, for people who don’t already know.


? is the symbol for “micro” and is pronounced “mu” as in “mew”! ?! ?! ?! This flash is also quite educational if you don’t already know what capacitors are.