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This is perhaps the one of the most uninteresting things that I can ever make a daily flash about. I don’t know why, but I thought taxes might make an interesting daily flash. I spent some time thinking how I could possibly make this interesting, and then eventually I came to the realization that income taxes can never be interesting or fun. But here are some interesting tax-related quotes, and here are some interesting tax-related… tax deductions.

Anyway, the reason for this daily flash is that today in school, we had a guest speaker from the tax preparation company H&R Block who came in and taught us about filing income taxes (in addition to advertising the company), since we would have to do it eventually. I learned a lot more than I knew before (I knew almost nothing about taxes), but I also learned that filling out those tax forms in the future won’t be very fun at all. But then we got free H&R Block post-its, pamphlets, and pens, which I guess is pretty cool. But not really.

Total internal reflection

Wikipedia article about total internal reflection can be found here! You can probably find some cool examples on YouTube or something. Here‘s an example… with laser water. The recent daily flashes have been kinda over-educational, if that’s even possible, but I guess that’s fine, because learning is fun! Especially outside of school!

Actually, total internal reflection isn’t even really used in the latter part of the flash, since there’s just mirrors, but yeah. Anyway, Patchy’s first line was stolen from somewhere that I can’t really remember (I think it may have been an edit of a Touhou doujinshi page somewhere from a very long time ago where she says something similar). Yeah. Oh, and also, this flash serves as an excuse to bring up the diffraction daily flash again. That’s all.

Videos for Mar 29, 2009

This week’s videos post! First, we have the sequel to the first Touhou Pianoforte (it’s better to listen it on Nicovideo or the mp3 if you want it uninterrupted), a video for SCARLET ZONE (based on the song RED ZONE) in which the creator managed to turn a very short dance animation from Pani Poni Dash’s 2nd OP into an almost-two-minute dance, and then a PV for Cirno Racing (I think the video is actually from awhile ago but there isn’t much else to post today), and a comparison version of the Yukkuri Cirno’s Perfect Math Class to the original TETLA POT one. Not too many new videos this week, but I guess the Pianoforte one is awesome enough to make up for it.

????? II Pianoforte

(Youtube: Part I, Part II, Part III / Nicovideo)



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UFO Marisa

Added Marisa‘s outfit from TH12:UFO to create.swf! Also, it is revealed that the giant M on her outfit stands for Marisa. Who knew?

Akari Rowing

Akari (from ARIA) is rowing a gondola! Extreme backwards rowing go!