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I don’t really know why this is titled “Sakuyaaa” when something like “Remiliaaa” would probably be better suited, but that’s what I named the file originally, so that might be why. Sakuya has long sleeves simply because it’s easier to animate long sleeves, and Remilia has a stuffed bunny because it’s a generic little-kid toy. Probably bought from the Eientei gift shop as a souvenir after Imperishable Night, assuming there is such a thing as an Eientei gift shop. It’s probably well-hidden, which is why nobody knows about it. Hmm, interesting… the focus of this post seems to have suddenly shifted to gift shops.

Swine Flu

Swine flu is spreading rapidly… as a topic of discussion! So many people are saying things along the lines of “Oh no, swine flu, we’re going to die!” and I can’t even look up “plural version of flu” on Google without getting a bunch of swine flu results in the first page. And even‘s entry about the word “flu” has “swine flu” in it! And now the swine flu is on this site! How did that happen?! Run! Run before you catch it from the internet!


Here is a more detailed explanation of what gerrymandering is. The “salamander” shaped district (which the term was partly named after) looks more like a vulture to me, but gerryvulturing doesn’t sound as cool, I guess. Also, I don’t particularly know where I was going with this daily flash; all I knew is that I wanted to make another one of those video game battle scene things, because those are cool.

Create.swf File Folders

And it’s almost time for yet another Touhou-related event! This time Talka will be at Akatsuki no Utage (translated to “Scarlet Moon Ball”), selling these create.swf file folders! Same type as last time, just with a different design. The front has Windows characters (not including characters from the UFO demo), and the back has some PC-98/Other characters. Of course, there’ll be stuff from previous events as well. The event is on May 6th (?????????) and the booth location is at ?11. There, I bolded the important parts so that non-English speakers can easily find what they need to know!

Anyway, more information can be found on ddiction. Actually, I guess there’s less information on there than there is on here, but that’s okay.

Videos for Apr 26, 2009

Today’s videos! First video is Kero?Destiny on the electric guitar, next is Meiling’s theme on the reed organ (side note: it’s by reine-musik, the host of the Aki sisters anthology), then a Po Pi Po parody starring a very feminine-looking Rinnosuke (probably because it was based on Hatsune Miku), a Yukkuri-related video by the creator of the Reimu Night of Nights video, Chen Un-Tan (the original video on Nico has an interesting extra in the adbox), and kyu-kyu-kyu-nya with Yukari and Reimu.





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