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Reality Shows

I don’t even know. The ideas behind some (or most) reality shows are just so bad I don’t even know what to say. So instead, I’ll just provide some links. Here‘s some real examples of real reality shows, and here‘s an article about a canceled reality show about producing reality shows.

And here‘s a satirical article about a reality show about people who watch reality shows. I didn’t find it until after I made this, but I wouldn’t be surprised if a network actually has a show like this.

Oh, and apparently they have reality shows on Cartoon Network now. Which doesn’t make sense because they’re not cartoons at all. Except there’s one that is a cartoon, but if it’s a cartoon, how is it a reality show if it’s not reality?


Well, it’s not so much about post-graduation as it is about tying up loose ends (I think this is the first time I’ve ever used that phrase) in regards to the daily flash characters graduating from their fictional high school and what will happen after. So actually yeah, I guess it is about post-graduation.

It’s also sorta about when things happen on TV shows but there isn’t an episode about it and it’s just discussed by characters as if it happened. Which of course means that it did happen. Sorta like how there was no Safari Zone episode in the Pokemon TV show (the English version anyway) and in the next episode they just talked about it as if it happened. If that made any sense, and I think it did.

Anyway, there will be no daily flash about the fictional graduation ceremony itself, but rest assured that it did happen. It’s just that nobody really remembers it.

Videos for June 28, 2009

Today’s videos post includes some more Gottsu playing music with Celtic instruments (this time it’s Marisa’s Love Colored Master Spark theme) and then UN Owen on guitar by this guy. And then some videos I didn’t feel like embedding in the full post.





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Create.swf – Kaguya (Revised)

Added a revised version of Kaguya to create.swf. It’s about time, since the original create.swf Kaguya looks really… weird. I think it’s the shape of the hair or something. Anyway, I used this image as a reference for the design on the dress (which you can’t see in the preview image because of the computer). Without the twintails, of course.


Today was graduation, so here’s Unnamed Character wearing graduation stuff, just because it’s related! Anyway, graduation was fine; there just seemed to be a lot of waiting involved (especially in the beginning), whether it was waiting to walk up to the stage, waiting to sit down, waiting for your name to be called, waiting to go up there to get your fake diploma (after getting the real one a day earlier), and waiting to get off stage. I think there definitely wasn’t enough practice during rehearsals in terms of dealing with all the flashing lights from cameras, and also in terms of getting used to the fact that tassel on the graduation cap keeps flying in your face whenever you walk. The speeches were nice, though.

The bad part was the fact that right after it was over and we all went outside to take photos and talk with friends, there was a huge thunderstorm and everyone had to run away to the safety of their cars or back inside. I’m sure there’s some hidden symbolism behind having a huge thunderstorm happen right after our graduation, but whatever.

And I guess it’ll take awhile before the whole “wait a second, high school is actually over now and I probably won’t see a lot of these people ever again or at least not for a long time” feeling begins to sink in. That, and beginning to think more about college stuff. And yeah. High school’s over! Will I make a daily flash about the daily flash characters graduating? Probably. Just not today.