Monthly Archive for July, 2009

Mystia Cooking

No, Mystia is not being cooked. She is now an expert chef, at least when it comes to using multiple frying pans. It sorta looks like she’s playing paddleball or something, if it weren’t for the food (yes, the yellow blobs are some sort of food). Well anyway, her wings turned out a bit weird, but that’s okay.

Some number of minutes after I typed out the stuff above, I decided to edit it to make a paddleball version, though Mystia’s still wearing her food-making outfit.

Komachi What

Komachi’s doing something; I just don’t know what it is. Initially it was a scythe, but that sorta looked weird, so I removed the scythe part, so now it’s just a stick. I guess it still looks weird, but in a silly kind of way. Maybe the stick is alive and she’s trying to maintain control of it. Or whatever, I don’t know.

Marisa Running

Marisa is running through a badly-colored field for some reason! This is just something I felt like making after doing a very quick drawing of Marisa (basically the first frame of the flash, but without color). Added in color because otherwise, it’d be mostly just blank space.

TV Gameshows

Whenever I watch one of those trivia gameshows on TV and I know the answer to a question, I always have the mindset of “if I know the answer to this question, there’s no way the contestant doesn’t know it,” even if it’s something most people probably don’t know the answer to. Then, when they get it wrong, I feel like I’d be a better contestant on the show, until I realize that I’d probably get all the questions wrong except that one I just happened to know the answer to.

Not Insects

Sometimes I see a small dark spot on a wall and think it’s an insect or something, but when I go up close, I realize it’s just a dark spot. But then at other times, I look away and when I look back, it seems as if the spot moved, leading me to believe it’s actually an insect when it clearly isn’t. Lack of ideas? Yes! Could’ve done another create.swf update but that would’ve taken too long, and there isn’t that much time left until the day’s over. So here is a daily flash that isn’t all that interesting.