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Q-BLOCK stuff

So I learned of this nifty Q-BLOCK thing a few days ago, and made some things. Basically it’s like pixel art but you can make pixelated three-dimensional stuff, and it’s kinda fun. (Character on the bottom right is Mils)

I had these prepared in advance for a day when I wouldn’t be able to update with other stuff, and that day happened to be today! Had a chemistry test today (unlike the one in yesterday’s daily flash, it wasn’t so suddenly announced), and as a summary, I now dislike chemistry more than I already did! What a shame.

College Professors

Summary: college professors can pretty much do whatever they want! Which may or may not be a good thing!

Rutherford’s Experiment

Based on something from general chemistry class today. Except it was the teacher who brought up the analogy. I normally hate chemistry, but it seems like we’re starting to get some connections to stuff I’ve learned in physics, so now it’s okay!

Videos for Sept 27, 2009

Earlier this week (or, actually yesterday) there was a Nicovideo Touhou festival of some sort, and a bunch of nifty videos were uploaded! Here they are! First one is an animation collaboration by a bunch of different artists (very awesome), then an EWI video by Winn, two separate videos based on Evangelion and Higurashi (in that order), some 3D videos involving the SDM and Utsuho vs Reimu (in that order), and a video by Noya based on a Silver Forest song (Based on the Kirby Sand Canyon song). There are also some other nice videos that got uploaded but couldn’t be found on YouTube (they were deleted), and those can be found as links at the end of the post. Also a video by Cirno is a Genius, though that wasn’t part of the festival.

???????????????? Unidentified Morphing Spheres


??????21??? ? Innocent Treasures?????????


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Create.swf – Rumia (Revised)

Added a revised version of Rumia to create.swf! Also a new background based on this one, and probably some other things too. What are those other things? Uhh… EX-Rumia wings… another autumn background… and… hmm. Yeah. Power-up aura is now also an object, as well as the GAR shades. I think that’s it.