Monthly Archive for October, 2009

Create.swf – Lunasa (Revised)

Added a revised version of Lunasa to create.swf! And in the objects list: violin, trumpet, keyboard, pentagram (red), apple, pad, ice cube, and Byakuren platform. New backgrounds: SDM outside and frozen lake. More importantly… SCROLLBARS!!! You can thank Thefre for that! Happy Halloween.

Imaginary Numbers

They’re eyes!!

【東方】search&caved-見敵必掘- PV風【ラフ版】



Here is a nifty PV (I guess it’s a draft version) by noya involving Keine and some random youkai attackers. And Mokou’s in it too.

As for why I’m posting this today instead of Sunday, I had way too much homework to do today.


I didn’t know what a scantron was until sometime last year. Or maybe it was two years… or one and a half. Well, it was around when I had that SAT prep course. I knew what they were, I just didn’t know they were called “scantrons”; most people just called them “bubble sheets” or something, so at first I thought it was some sort of machine, and was disappointed when I found out it was just a sheet of paper. Anyway, the problem with them is that when you get too many of the same answers in a row, you start to doubt yourself, especially if the filled-in circles make a neat repeating pattern!

Today’s general chemistry test was a 60-question multiple choice thing, which I’m not used to at all. Plus, we used scantrons, which I never did in highschool except for standardized tests. We went over the questions right after we took it, and I did pretty well! Way better than the first gen chem test. As for the linear algebra midterm I also had today, that didn’t go so well.

【東方】Bad Apple!! PV【影絵】

????Bad Apple!!???????


Here is a super nifty PV for Alstroemeria Records’ “Bad Apple!!” using a bunch of silhouettes. Based on this storyboard; and here are a bunch of other PVs based on the same storyboard.

In other unrelated news, I have a midterm and test coming up tomorrow, so I spent most of the day studying!