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Following (but not really)

This seems to happen fairly often. It’s also weird when the person in front of you has to stop because of a stop sign or red light, and you end up catching up with them and then passing them, but at the next stop, they catch up to you. Also ignore the fact that it doesn’t really look like they’re walking down a sidewalk with some buildings in the back.

Videos for Nov 29, 2009

Videos! Flandre in a parody of Dai Mahou Touge OP, a Mayim Mayim thing with Marisa Stole the Precious Thing, Night of Nights with Nintendo console sounds, some Bad Apple!!, and then Miku Miku Dance stuff.


(Nicovideo / Original)

???????? ??????? × ?????????


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Create.swf – Medicine (Revised)

Added a revised version of Medicine to create.swf! Well, at least the large doll. Didn’t revise the accessory ’cause I thought it was good enough. Actually, I guess the original Medicine was pretty decent anyway. Also added a few backgrounds, a game console+controller and an open book as objects. I tried to make the pentagram colorable, but for some reason it didn’t work; I guess it’s because the color-glowing is its own effect or something, I dunno (only black is available now, ’cause I removed the others from the menu thinking colorization would work, but I’ll re-add them later). I don’t think I added anything else, so yeah, that’s all for now!

Tower Defense Games

It’s always near the end of these things that everything gets so crazy you can’t even see anything anymore! I basically wasted most of today playing Bloons Tower Defense 4!

Yuyuko eating turkeys

A conveyor belt, yeah! Happy American Thanksgiving!