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Chen Sleep

Looks like Chen wanted to stay up for the new year, but fell asleep too early! However, she’s still able to celebrate! And yes, that’s a Ran nosebleed in the corner there. Also I guess technically, it’s not the new year in this timezone yet, but oh well! Chen doesn’t live in this timezone!!

Koishi Skip

Koishi skipping back and forth for some unexplained reason! Maybe she’s dodging some invisible bullets or something. Also, I realized that I don’t really draw Koishi that much at all (or Satori either, for that matter… or most of the UFO characters)!




Here’s a neat pixel art thing by the person (or people) who made this thing from a long time ago! Aya and Momizi place cameras around the Scarlet Devil Mansion and stuff happens! Also I guess Comiket 77 is going on right now, yay!

Kogasa Umbrella Spin

All right! Umbrella spinning!

Videos for Dec 27, 2009

Today’s videos post: Bakemonogatari OP parody featuring Suwako, Genshiken OP parody, G Gundam OP parody, some other PV, Utsuho and Koishi in a K-On! thing by Urushi, Prismriver sisters doing various dances, a complete version of an older PV, H@ppy_Together dance, commercials for various games to be released at C77, an arrange of Cirno’s theme on the guitar, Bad Apple!! stuff, then Flandre Christmas light show from SomethingUnreal.

????OP??????????????? / ???????????

(Nicovideo / Comparison)


(Nicovideo / Original)

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