Monthly Archive for March, 2010

EoSD Transformation (1)

Okay so I have decided to transform characters into other characters, starting from EoSD. This one has Reimu, Marisa, Rumia, Daiyousei, and Cirno (without a proper loop).

Yuyuko Transformation

Death by Yuyu-vacuumâ„¢!! Great for cleaning up dropped food, quick and efficiently! No plugs or cords required; it is powered by the food you pick up with it! Only four easy payments of $33.33!!! But call in the next fifteen minutes and we’ll make it just three easy payments of $44.44!

REAL CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALS: “I like this product.” – Marisa Kirisame, professional customer testimonial quote reader

Keine Transformation

Moo. Well I guess this could’ve used some more frames, ’cause it’s not really that smooth. And probably should’ve made regular Keine transform into a cow instead! Oh well.

Videos for Mar 28, 2010

Videos for today! Murasa-themed PV for UFO, Bad Apple!! using Totakeke (from Animal Crossing) sound effects, more Captain Jack stuff, then two other videos.



Dog Apple!! feat.totakeke


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Create.swf – Luna Child (Revised)

Added a revised version of Luna Child to create.swf. Also these things:

Body: Reimu (EoSD), Reimu (PCB), Reimu (PoFV), Reimu (SA), brown coat, maid outfit (black), all white, blue suit
Hat: Jason mask, cabbie hat, baseball cap, red bandana, bowler hat, tied headband, paper bag
Mouth: Mouth 64, 65, 66, 67, 68
Object: scimitar, skeleton hand, briefcase, briefcase 2
BG: underground mine, computer grid
Accessory: red armband
Item: scimitar

Thefre also implemented the following changes:

– Scenes are no longer loaded with autoscale on.
– Imported images are now saved with scenes.
– Point of origin for imported images are now at the center of the image.

Also, here is an informative video about importing images, by Thefre.