Monthly Archive for May, 2010

【東方MAD】「Like a Butler」OPパロ

???MAD??Like a Butler?OP??

Here’s this, or something. Anyway, I think I’ve been incredibly unenthusiastic and lazy about making posts nowadays. And usually it just ends up being something I throw together at the last minute. Maybe I should take a break for awhile or something. We’ll see!


Here’s an interesting project entitled TOHO CLOCK (click to go to the page, for a larger version WITH MUSIC)! Anyway, it’s pretty much a clock with random 5-second Touhou animations and 1-minute songs. Awhile ago, I was invited by Nalgami (the programmer) to contribute something to this, and so I did this Tenshi rock based thing.

Create.swf – Tenshi (Revised)

Added a revised version of Tenshi (with much fancier hair) to create.swf. Also:

Obj: Explosion, Grimoire Opened (Colorable), Teacup (Suits) (Colorable), Shiruken, Chains, Kitsune, Wolf, Saw, Dog, Popcorn Bag, Mr. Saturn
Hair: Reimu (2 None)*, Reimu (2 Short None)*, Reimu (2 Alt None)*, Fauxhawk
Hat: Mushroom Cap, Reimu (2 Alt), White Band, Yellow Band, Snorkel, Knight Helm, Reisen II ears
Acc: Tewi Ears 2, Reisen Ears 2, Reisen II Ears, Stubble
Arm: Alice (in W), Mystia (Black)
Back: 4 Angel Wings
Body: Maid (Dark Blue)
Item: Alice’s Grimoire 2

*Had no idea what to name them, but basically Reimu hair without the hair accessories

霊夢もなんだか「吹 っ 切 れ た」にゃん

????????? ? ? ? ?????

Here’s this thing and some other related things.

Marisa What

Marisa what are you doing running around like that? You should be running around like this. Basically I don’t know anymore. But anyway I think the individual frames of this thing are somewhat interesting, I guess.