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Videos for June 27, 2010

Videos! Chen/Orin/Shou fukkireta by that guy who does all those Chen/Orin/Shou videos, and then one of those End of Daylight PVs.



?????????End of Daylight


Create.swf – Parsee (Revised)

Added a revised version of Parsee to create.swf. Also:

Obj: Belt eyeball thing, hypno shroom, bullet orb (colorable), motorcycle helm (colorizing flips the face shield), skateboard (colorizing changes to front view), cane, muzzle, E-can
Item: handgun, mega buster
Eyes/Mouth: Eye 116, Mouth 73
Acc: Muzzle
Back: Blue Mystia wings
Hat: Mario, Luigi
Body: Red, doctor
BG: Human village

Miku Puns

Okay, so rather than just not posting anything, I have decided I might as well post some things I drew today, though they’re not Touhou-related. After drawing this image in a paintchat, I felt like doing some more Hatsune Miku related puns, so here are these three in a flash, with the captions I included when I uploaded them to twitpic (1 2 3).

And that last one was so cool that I made this cool “camera-slowly-panning-across-face” thing to go along with it (embedded in the full post).

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Videos for June 20, 2010

Videos! Yukkuri version of Railgun OP2, SDM version of kiss×sis OP, and a colored version of that not-colored thing from awhile ago.


(Nicovideo / Original / Comparison: Nico, YT)

????Kiss×sis of Scarlet??????

(Nicovideo / Original)

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Create.swf – Kisume (Revised)

Added a revised version of Kisume to create.swf. Also these things:

Obj: bucket 2, hairbrush, microphone, tie (colorable), comb, campfire, bonfire (colorable), knight helm, cat on head 4 (colorable), mirror midboss 1&2, sword in dirt, cowbell, vuvuzela (colorable), Henohenomohejimake, hotdog (colorable)
Item: Handgun+Sword (1 and 2), Dual Handguns
Acc: White mask, robot ears, orange scarf
Hat: Red Mushroom cap, red mushroom, aviator goggles
Body: Reimu suit, Red suit, China dress
Arms: Reimu (2 Alt), Red+Blue
Back: Tengu Wings 2
BG: Ship deck, Gaia Library, SDM Library, Mushroom Forest, Ruined Red Shrine

The Gaia Library and SDM Library backgrounds were contributed by LittleShrimp, who offered to help with today’s update. Basically, that SDM Library background is quite easily the best background in here so far, so yeah.