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Videos for Aug 29, 2010

Whoops, almost forgot to post. Here’s these videos, yeah!





Create.swf – PC-98 Marisa, Luize, Yumeko, Ruukoto

Added revised versions of Marisa (PC-98), Luize, Yumeko, Ruukoto to create.swf. Also Sasha’s hair without the extra stuff, a party hat, and another version of the ‘casual’ outfit with black pants.

Walfas 3-year Anniversary

Hmm so I guess it’s been three years now. The standard procedure for anniversary posts is to post a whole lot of links to old stuff. So that is what this post will be!

Also this year was probably the least interesting year so far due to college and other stuff such as me losing interest, running out of ideas, and not updating daily. Though when going through all the posts made this year, I was surprised I was still able to find a lot of stuff. I guess it’s just the past few months that seemed very inactive (also the fact that I haven’t made a daily flash since April). Oh well.

After this year, I guess it’s all downhill from here, folks! Is what I am assuming, but that sounds terribly negative, so… yeah.

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Create.swf – Yorihime, Toyohime, Youki, Alice (PC-98), Kurumi

Added revised versions of Yorihime, Toyohime, Youki, Alice (PC-98), and Kurumi to create.swf.

C78 Videos Post

First up, NForza has some New Hori-ZUN books to sell, so if you are interested, please refer to this post for contact info, etc.

Secondly, here’s Toho Kinema Kan and ??PVD videos:

Toho Kinema Kan


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