Monthly Archive for October, 2010

【Namco X Capcom OPパロ】東方 X 新幻想鄕 【手書き】

?Namco X Capcom OP????? X ???? ?????

Hey, it’s Sunday (also Halloween I guess), and you know what that means!! This video post!! Wow, a video!!

Create.swf – Yuka, Yukari

Added revised versions of Yuka (PC-98 pajamas version) and Yukari (PCB version). Also these things:

Arms: kimono (purple), kimono (maroon)
Item: Sanae’s stick 2, sword of some sort
Back: blue dragon, blue dragon wings
Body: white suit 2
Mouth: 82

Videos for Oct 24, 2010

Videos! A video from Funi about stuff (expect it to be weird), a Koishi video from Eromame, and then a bunch of videos relating to some new meme thing from a scene in Index.





And then here’s some new Index-related fad:
Remilia / Mokou / Kogasa / Alice / Sakuya / Daiyousei / Youmu

Create.swf – Shingyoku

Added revised versions of Shingyoku (male and female forms) to create.swf, also:

Body: White/Black suit 2, White suit, kimono (purple)
Back: Small bat wings
Obj: Utsuho Eye, Noby Noby is colorable




I realized I forgot to make a video post yesterday night, so here it is today. Just one video with lots of nya’s, I guess.