Monthly Archive for November, 2010

Videos for Nov 28, 2010

Videos: completed version of that “Sakuya as a hairstylist” PV, a combination of 12.5 (Double Spoiler) and 12.8 (Fairy Wars), an isometric danmaku game, and a Touhou version of the Matryoshka VOCALOID PV.





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Videos for Nov 22, 2010

Didn’t get to add a video post yesterday, but here it is today! A version of the Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt OP with SA characters by Urushi, a completed version of the Ika Musume OP with MoF characters, another sort of general PV with EoSD characters, some sort of Love Plus thing with Suwako, Kanako, and Sanae, and then another create.swf thing from Nicovideo that I couldn’t find on YouTube.

???? ????????????? ?????OP???




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Create.swf – Shanghai (Revised)

(The site seems to be having some problems right now, so things might take a really long time to load) Added a revised version of Shanghai to create.swf, also a few other things.

Acc: Satori’s 3rd Eye 2 (closed)
Body: Reimu (green)
Hat: Reimu bow (green)
Arms: Reimu (green)
Eye: 133

Cat object is colorable

In other news, I’m done with create.swf updates (until a new character comes out or something). I think spending several hours updating this thing [almost] every week for over three years is sufficient enough. Here are some stats:

327 hats
154 items
131 backs
151 accessories
342 bodies
116 sets of shoes
257 sets of arms
256 hairstyles
133 sets of eyes
85 mouths
216 backgrounds
622 objects
253 presets

Thanks to Thefre for programming the interface and all the neat functions; otherwise it’d probably still look like this or this.

Anyway, as for what I’m going to do with the site now aside from video posts, I’m sure I’ll figure something out eventually!




Today’s video post consists of this thing involving Sakuya as a hair stylist.

Create.swf – Ichirin

Added a revised version of Ichirin to create.swf, also some other things:

Obj: Spray (colorable), spoon, bowl, balloon (stringless), laptop closed, tengu mask
Acc: Taped mouth, Advent Cirno (reversed), Tengu mask
Body: Mummy, Kimono (red white), flame pants
Back: Black dragon wings
Hat: Tengu mask
Eyes: 130-132

Blanket object can be colored black and white
NWTI Marisa is now colorable, Darkness is now colorable