Videos for Apr 25, 2010

Today’s videos post consists of: a Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei OP parody, a Marisa animation, a EoSD PV, a MikuMikuDance thing, Remilia in a wok, K-On!! parody with Sakuya slapping Reimu with money, and a parody of an old animation involving Marisa eating and Yuyuko entering through the wall.







?MMD??????One?Dream Fighter



(Nicovideo / Real life)




(Nicovideo / Original)

14 Responses to “Videos for Apr 25, 2010”

  • That Remilia video is rather ad-

  • oh god that remi in a wok

  • Oooh, really good videos this week. I especially like the Remilia and Flandre one! And the one with Marisa, Wriggle, and Mystia is absolutely adorable. >w<
    Although the Remi in a wok on is kind of… what? 0.o;

  • 1- 1:27 OMFG ZUN!?
    2- Cute, but I wonder, the secret for Marisa’s healthy hair is… dried salamander and magic mushrooms in her hat?
    3- The last pic is so heartwarming, IMO
    4- Sakuya looks so cute in every MMD video
    5- At first I was “what’s this I don’t even” but then I saw the original one… BEHOLD THE ALMIGHTY RULE ⑨ OF TEH INTERNETZ!
    7- What a sexy parody~

  • 1. Looks cool. Needs a lot of freeze-framing to catch everything.

    2. Cute and fun. Marisa still hasn’t learned that when a spell’s results aren’t as predicted, just because they look cool doesn’t mean they aren’t dangerous…

    3. Interesting mood, though a bit hard for me to follow visually. I like the ending. Poor, hungry Meiling.

    4. MikuMiku Dance models are still pretty impressive, though I don’t feel any great connection to the choice of song. The attempt at a cheesy three-girl MGM (or SOS) lion roar at the start was cute. I can’t look at the MMD Reimu without thinking of the Red Zone video with her, though.

    5. What is this I don’t even HNNNNGGGGHH.

    6. Uh…what?

    7. Heh…as funny as the original, but in a slightly different way.

  • 1,2,3,4 are pretty nice and I don’t know anything specific to say about them.
    5-Funny and cute.(Until evil Sakuya come with the cooking oil-Remi-steak!!)
    6-MOAR evil Sakuya.This time she found a way to control Reimu.
    7-Oh Nom nom nom must be rly bored…..

  • I don’t watch direct parodies~

    2. Hee, that was more pretty-awesome than I expected. :3 … or, uh, that came out wrong. Awesome-pretty?

    3. … that was AWESOME. Why did it have to end when things were just geting splendid~!?

    4. ehh. I kinda feel like this is a “you need to understand the language to appreciate the entire first minute or so” thing. And a “you need to be a robot to appreciate the music” thing. :x

    5. XD cute. I giggled harder at the Benny Hill version, though. Wait, is Remilia not wearing any underwear there? :o

    7. Hee. I want the music! :3

  • haha. i laughed hard at the K-On one since i laughed hard on that scene from the anime (not sure why it was just so random)

    remi in the wok thing is funny i remember seeing the vid on nicovideo. (there is also one of the mouse in the wheel and trips and spins around it like 4 times.)

    ive seen the last one some time ago, first yesterday. though this is an interesting video update. i like them.

  • in a wok series is getting popular lately

  • ちぇーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーー


  • 3.- nice
    5.- XD!! (song: csikos)
    6.- lol
    7.- o_OU

  • how can i access to youtube?,because everywhere i go i can’t access to is there another way to access to there?

  • Works very well with Reimu getting hit with the money by Sakuya with that K-On!! parody.

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