Videos for Sept 25, 2010

No create.swf update this week, sorry! I was at MakerFaire for most of the day (it was fun; I will probably make a post about it tomorrow). I tried to work on an update yesterday, but the physics lab write-up took way longer than I had expected (the write-up’s still not done, will probably take most of tomorrow too), so I didn’t have time.

Anyway, videos post! A nice animation thing, Winn EWI video, Keine PV, Keroro dance with a whole lot of characters, and then some other thing.

Edit: Oh wait hmm there seem to be a lot of new videos, part of the ?2??????? tag. Probably should’ve waited for tomorrow, for more videos to be out and then just post them then. Oh well I have included some of them in this post.














??????????PV?? Ver.0.8


19 Responses to “Videos for Sept 25, 2010”

  • 1st vid PURE AWSOME
    2nd vid yay more flute’s
    3rd vid WHAA??
    4th vid are kids singing?
    5th vid what the fu–

  • awww. :( oh, well. looking forward to next week. glad you had fun, dude.

  • Don’t worry KirbyM. You’ve always taken tons and tons of requests each week.
    Theres yet to been times you haven’t updated the Create.swf so you and everyone else deserve a rest now and then.

  • That Keroro thing.

    My heart melted. So. Damn. Cute.

  • 4. That Sgt. Frog theme sure is popular to animate. They did a nice job with all the characters. Also, Satori looks so angry.

  • 1. Wow, that’s gorgeous. Excellently done.

    2. Whoa, reaching back to the PC-98 days again. Initially, even with Winn’s rearrangement, the melody seems to reflect Zun’s earlier, simpler style to me. It picks up more nicely in the second half, though. Plus, Suika grooving on drums amuses me.

    3. “Keine Sings an Incredible Song with Incredible Fervor”, or close to that. Well, that was fun. :-) Cave x 4 for bonus points.

    4. And now we have a tour through the Windows era. Heh…Patchouli lagging and Cirno out of sync, Kaguya doing the “Help me, Eirin” move…lots of nice touches. Curious that the name order shifts from Western (first-last) to Eastern (last-first) about the time we get to Subterranean Animism…and Nue doesn’t seem to get a label.
    @jbsnv: It’s “Kurutto Mawatte Ikkaiten” (“Spin Once Around”), the 9th ending theme to Keroro Gunsou/Sgt. Frog

    5. Oh, hey, I remember the earlier version of this one! It’s still pretty funny.

    6. Amusing, but I’m sure I’d have appreciated it more if I was more familiar with the game Death Crimson. (Watching this video in advance might help a little for others in the same boat, at least.)

    7. Shin Mazinger —> Shin Marisa. I am intrigued. (For those not familiar with this version, Shin Mazinger can transform into a giant version of its own hand, thus Marisa’s transformation into her own broom.)

    8: Hey, new Cool & Create! Sweet. Nice remix medley. The little note at the start of the video indicates it’s a work in progress, but the video seems fairly complete to me. Ooh, Koakuma gets a Crowning Moment of Awesome. And so does Patchouli!

  • You sure that’s enough videos?

  • “ZUN” is a sound effect now~? Oh gosh.

    Video 1 is so whoaaa~

  • Hey video 1 is Ufotable’s project isn’t it? “A nice animation thing” is reductive at least. It’s the first professional work about Touhou, wouldn’t it be a stepstone to that anime we fans are eargerly waiting since years?

  • @Mokowhoselinkstillgoestoalex

    It always was :P (Then ZUN took it as his own name)

  • The Cool&Create video reminds me of that old Locked Girl PV. I wonder if it’s meant to be a sequel.

  • look at the third video at 1:05

  • @solaris

    the first video is DEFINITELY NOT ufotable.

    it even has a different title, and the tenchou guy isn’t even there in the video :V

    anyway, first video is the best animeish touhou PV ever

  • Whoaaaa.

    So much awesome in one place. Also is it just the nico version is Death Crimson actually Death Crinmson?

  • Whoaaaa.

    So much awesome in one place. Cave is my destiny… no life as well as parody of Unlimited Blade Works. Funny how that is. Also is it just the nico version is Death Crimson actually Death Crinmson?

  • BIG BANG BROOM? oh man that made me smile

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