Videos for Dec 26, 2010

Videos for today! A PV for another Toho Kinema Kan thing, preview for part 2 of that 3D Reimu vs Utsuho fight thing, an IOSYS PV about Kaguya, and then a bunch of songs.

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  • 1. Well, that looks pretty and entertaining. First time I can recall this group depicting Rinnosuke seriously like that. The second bit is an interesting assembly of animation art in its various stages.

    2. Ooh, there’s more of this! I wasn’t sure if it would continue after the first part was complete. Still in production, but still impressive and worth the wait.

    3. Heh…NEET-Hime voiced by the SoftTalk (I think that’s what it’s called) yukkuri voice. Interesting melodic take on Kaguya’s theme. Not as catchy for me yet as some of Iosys’s earlier stuff, but I find it more appealing than the last one featured on the site.

    4. Ah, a medley of final-stage music. Apparently, this is the last in a 10-week series of such works. Not my favorite of the Touhou medleys I’ve heard, but very good, even so. (I’m fairly certain that “U.N. Owen” and “Heian Alien” were put in sequence on purpose. Nice bookending with Necro-Fantasy and NecroFantasia, too.) For a work of this length, I was hoping for at least a slide show-style series of images, but it makes for nice listening even without varying visuals. Would’ve helped since it utilizes several themes I’d not heard before. I can always look up the titles and find out what goes with which game, but still…

  • 2. I have waited so long for this to come out and now it’s almost here.

    4. This was really nice and I had a lot of fun trying to recognize each song. It took me until Suwako’s stage theme to realize that stage themes were even being played.

  • I don’t really like Kourin(oddly enough, it was Touhou Kourindou that made me dislike him) so the first video was kinda a miss, although Buta-otome(I believe they are the circle behind the music in the song) music in PVs is always welcome.

    The second video was also kinda miss, most of the video seemed to repeat what already happened in the first version of the same video. But I guess it’s a work in progress so I shouldn’t expect too much. However, the music in the arrangement of Reichi no Taiyou Shinkou made up for it..

    The Yukkuri voice singing for Kaguya was oddly appropriate, although only mildly excited..

    The last one, yes the last one, was awesome… Was that all of the extra boss themes, stage themes, shoot the bullet’s last 2 themes and IN spell practice themes, wrapped up with youyou bakko and necrofantasia, all set to speed remixes? Just what I needed to spice up my day!

  • 1. Sooo…Rinnosuke’s been having his way with Marisa since childhood?
    2. Almost a minute’s worth of recap footage & [slightly] reduced graphics quality, but still good enough for me to want to see!
    3. Don’t get it, but still like the way it sounds anyway.
    4. My ears are either having an orgasm or they’ve died and gone to heaven!

  • Actually, the last video is part of 10 videos a NND music maker called mocchie made.

    Aparently he made many medleys. There are one medley for stages 1-6, and some extra ones, for example, one for Fairy Wars.

    They’re all worth listening. Just search for “mocchie” on NND and you should find them.

  • Kaguya sounds like a yukurri. no offense,it just sounds very like it.

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