100th daily flash!

It’s the 100th flash! Wanted to go with something big, like that daily flash about the 100,000 pageviews. Only this time, I’ve done more than just copy/paste frames from old flashes; I’ve edited most of the dialogue and added some other things, so now it actually flows together like some sort of weird story! It’s 176 frames long, and it’s sure to bring back some memories of the older daily flashes, if you’ve seen them.

Anyhow, thanks to all the readers who have been following my daily flashes up until now, and for all the feedback you all have provided over the months. 100 daily flashes, wooo! (There’s just something about landmark numbers like 100 that makes people go “wooo!”)

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  • FIRST!!!

  • Most epic flash ever.


  • There is no single part of this flash that I can call epic.
    Because the flash itself is epic :D

    Happy 100th daily flash~!


  • This flash is awesome!!

  • Awesome 100th party!

    Congrats for reaching 100!

    *is waiting for the 200th one*

  • This party is AWESOME! Repent! ‘Cause a party is only awesome if the cops, or in this case the judge of paradise, shows up.

  • Go Kirby! Yay 100!

  • @bluish wolf: Well, actually the cops showed up too. Or at least one cop anyway. The one who writes the tickets.

  • KirbyM used AWESOME!

    It’s AWESOME-effective!

  • Haha, I remember most of these.

  • Hooray! Pingy thinks this awesome 100th flash is awesome!!
    Pingy also suggests that we should start a party here in the comments reply area!!

  • Awesomeness XD

  • That was amazing, it was well worth the wait.


  • Heh, brings back memories.




  • Can we get to 100 comments?

  • Best flash ever


  • WOOOO! Happy 100 flashes!

  • I’ve counted 28 so far… now 29 :p

  • Nice flash, although it ended rather ubruptly.

    …Then again, it’s Walfas. Hooray!


  • Lol i saw every single daily flash twice after watching this :3
    It’s great, Ki!~
    IT was funny
    and happy.
    Although, are you ever gonna finish that procrastination flash?
    And are you ever gonna make an “Actual Animation” Compilation flash?
    It was still AWESOME (the arrows are not there for clicking purposes)
    However, you ignored the AWESOME (The arrows are not there for clicking purposes) rule D:

  • Congrats on your 100th dude

  • 3rd Person Mode Pingy thinks the 100th Daily flash may have been short, but thinks it was all good stuff!
    Hooray and happy 100th daily flash day!! Party Time!!

  • Hooray! it’s AWESOME!

  • Everyone ignores the AWESOME (the arrows are not there for clicking purposes) rule D:
    FOLLOW THE AWESOME (the arrows are not there for clicking purposes)rule! EVERYTIME YOU SAY AWESOME (the arrows are not there for clicking purposes) YOU MUST SAY (the arrows are not there for clicking purposes)! It’s a tribute to http://walfas.org/wiki/index.php/Awesome Don’t click the arrows. They’re not there for clicking purposes.


  • Omfg. That was AWESOME.

    Happy 100 flashes! Wooooooooo~

    I thought Yuyuko would come at the very end and suck everyone up, though. xD


  • Repent!

  • Hurray! Congratz on 100 daily flashes =D!!!!!

  • Needs more :awesome:

  • Woooooooooooooo!

  • That one Anonymous that criticized your work (Disgruntled Fairy)

    Nice to see that your work has not improved at all and has actually degraded greatly in quality; not only are you STILL reusing long dead jokes, but adding the random factor just makes watching your flashes a challenge (hell, when’s the last time you even did a Touhou flash). Seriously, your early work was okay (nothing great, but refreshing), but now it’s just a damn eyesore and spot on the extremely fragile community.

  • That one Anonymous that criticized your work (Disgruntled Fairy)

    Also, to expand my point, just look at the comments above mine; every one of them is blind, haphazard and pointless support (expect from an actual regular of Touhou, Kilga).

  • *looks at above comment*



  • @DisgrutedFairy:
    Maybe some of it is tru but you couldn’t do it better could you?
    Anyway, Maybe KirbyM’s flashes are not as good as they used to be (too many old jokes sure) but we’l still support not because we’re blind, it’s just because everyone has its downs and also everyone has its hard momnets maybe KIrbyM just needs a break or some inspriatoin whatsoever.

  • [Quote]
    Apr 28th, 2008 at 10:39 pm

    [Enf of Quote]

    What do you mean by this?
    LOL !!

    “lol” is a term used at the end of a sentence on the internet for no apparent reason. It stands for “Laugh out Loud” or “Lots of Laughs”. It used to mean laughter but has now lost it’s meaning due to overuse.

    The Japanese equivalent of “lol” would be “w”, which stands for warau (笑う, to laugh). The letter w is, coincidentally, the 23rd letter in the alphabet. Also coincidentally, the letter “w” has 2 points on the bottom and 3 points on the top. It also consists of 2 3 (5) lines and is right below the numbers 2 and 3 on a standard keyboard.

    Michael asks: “But I thought it standed for warai”

    k0n: I like to lul

    kirby54321 does not Lol that much.

  • @Disgruntled Fairy: What do you mean “extremely fragile community?” Touhou is insanely popular.

  • [gendo]Omedeto. [/gendo]
    Seriously, congratulations!

  • so awesome. Well worth the wait! Here’s to over 9000 more

  • Ah ha, I had fun with this one. Cool (Awesome).

  • so nostalgic!

  • in before 100th comment.

  • this party is awesome!


    I have cookies!

  • good job disgruntled fairy

    to be truthful here

    i think walfas is degrading in quality as well

    i mean, it’s nice to see you reuse jokes

    but in EVERY FUCKING FLASH, it is not funny anymore

    also, in before the fanbase drives you out as if you were the next maullar, which you probably will be very soon

  • also, fuck this

    i quit walfas


  • I’ll throw in my AWESOME:

  • Ah, so random.

  • People don’t get it’s the 100th flash , (°x°) its about the 99 flashes before it!! That’s why they are reused jokes don’t be stupid

  • The awesomeness, I can’t bear it.
    And Marisa can disrupt time and space with her Master Spark. Awesome.

  • Awesome!

  • I really enjoyed this. Made me laugh out loud and roll on the floor laughing a few times. Here’s to 100 and to the upcoming 100!

  • Oh god.
    … I want to make a Reisen Suzumiya now.

  • Disgruntled Fairy is Disgruntled.
    Happy Pingy is Happy.
    Party Hard is Party Hard. \O_O\ /O_O/
    (If you enjoy KirbyM’s flashes then enjoy the place. If you don’t like the flashes don’t hold KirbyM accountable for your displeasure, just close the browser tab and go sulk some place else. It’s not KirbyM’s responsibility to hold his content up to some sort of community standard.)
    So Pingy thinks we should all just enjoy ZUN’s spiked punch and keep on partying! :o!!

  • “I’m Suzumiya Haruhi” LOL

  • Oh, the points on the plane, and the gangsta forces… I lol’d. They really did bring back memories. :’D
    Congratulations on coming this far! 100 daily flashes seemed to pass pretty quickly.

    @KurisuMurei: I think we should aim for 100 comments too.

    @Disgruntled Fairy who probably won’t even read this comment:
    In this circumstance, the point is to re-use as much as possible. Hence “it’s sure to bring back some memories”. Although I, too, am in dire need of a Touhou flash, the randomness in this flash made it better, in my opinion. Think about it – most of the Touhou flashes, if not ALL of KirbyM’s flashes are a little unpredictable, and that makes them BETTER.

    If you can do better, please do (really, I’d enjoy watching them). But if you can’t, all the more reason not to knock others’ work. KirbyM’s doing these in her own time, you know, and isn’t forcing you to watch them. There are people who appreciate what she does. If you can’t, no-one’s stopping you from following Seniwac’s lead.

  • Nameless Shikigami

    Oh god, that was epic. Marisa’s constant sparking kept making me laugh. (Especially when Alice said isn’t this a lovely party, I was in tears)

  • That one Anonymous that criticized your work (Disgruntled Fairy)


    Yes, I know that this is a special flash and expected it to pay homage to the past. What I’m saying is whenever Kirby attempts humor, it’s always the same damn thing and she knows it. In addition, adding the random factor to humor is just a crop out, lazy and even insulting to actual humor.

    The English Touhou community is a very fragile thing; sure, the “old” community never did any actual good works, but they put effort and heart into it and we all had fun with it (ie Maullar). The old Kirby flashes had at least that, but it seems now she’s not even trying much and it’s pretty sad for such; more so, the comments here show what Kirby has been attracting and you know there nothing as the heart that would come from those.

  • WHEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Happy 100th daily flash KirbyM!!!!!!!!!!!

    Btw, I want to get to post 100 too!^^
    I’m comment 77!!!!!!!

  • Just as I was about to leave walfas something AWESOME gets flash’ed.

    Thanks Kirb.

  • lol she

    Ki’s gender is unidentified

  • so is KirbyM a girl or boy?

  • That is a very good question.

    I joke about “male but androgynous,” and my memory suggests something of a secondhand hearing of confirmation of male, but my memory also sucks. So I’m not sure.

  • ya know…it even took me a few weeks to find out that unnamed character was a girl xD. (wait, unnamed character IS a girl right?)

  • KirbyM is actually Cirno posting from Gensokyo. All that of Unnamed Character not looking like her are obvious lies.

  • Hooray!

    And you’re too mean to Alice. :x

  • lol epic,
    happy 100th flash.

    Humor is humor. If it makes one laugh, then it’s humor. There’s no such thing as actual or fake humor, just different kinds of humor, these being the random kind.

  • Is the 100-comments-challenge still going?

    @Shiroki: Well, just because you laugh doesn’t mean something’s funny. A lot of people would maybe for a few breaths when they’re in total shock or awe at something… even if it’s not funny or positive.

    @Kon, Zerokirby15, E-mouse: I just refer to Kirby as a female due to the way ‘she’ portrays ‘herself’ in her daily flashes (Unnamed Character certainly appears female, at least… and if she really is Cirno in disguise, then…).

    Since what I typed next is kinda long, and it’d be nice to get 100 comments on the post of the 100th daily flash, I’ll put it in a separate comment. I hope you don’t mind, KirbyM…

  • @Disgruntled Fairy:
    Well, a lot of the daily flashes do just whip in a Touhou character for randomness’s sake, it seems. Of course it doesn’t seem like there’s much ‘effort’ put into it there. But the actual Touhou-dedicated flashes really are good, in my opinion. Don’t forget the create.swf in constant progress, too.

    I’m interested to understand what you mean when you keep saying that the English Touhou community is so fragile. Do you mean that you think it’s becoming corrupted and misunderstood, as someone touched on when KirbyM posted the McDonald’s/Flandre nightmare thing? Somebody said they’re annoyed at how many people only seem to know that version, and have no clue about the origins of it. Or, do you mean that you think the community is so small that if it is ‘abused’, it will disappear?

    Personally I think that there are many small gatherings of English Touhou ‘communities’ – I have certainly discovered more than I first thought existed. For example, there is an imageboard called Danbooru (not always work-safe, just to warn) which is not themed around Touhou. Yet the number of Touhou pics there is astonishing considering this. It’s still very live, too. If you hang around the section for most recently uploaded images, you can usaully see at least one Touhou one. It shows no signs of disappearing from that place, at least.


  • That one Anonymous that criticized your work (Disgruntled Fairy)

    And you just answered your own question perfectly.

    To kopipe myself:

    ZUN never wanted Touhou popular in the West for this very reason; just about every modern fan of contemporary Japanese culture in West tends to taint the overall quality of the product.

    Actual Nips and Easterners know how to respect the product and how to show their respect; most Western anime fans do not and only degrade the overall product. A while back, the Western Touhou community knew how to respect the product and at least attempted to show that respect; nowadays there no “control” for the Western community and the wave of new users do not see the actual shine of the product (whereas the older users got interested in some true property of Touhou (such as its gameplay), the newer users became interest in some offset of Touhou (such as the randomness of an IOSYS flash or the art style/subject of a dojin) or simply because 4chan likes it).

  • Geez, one draws whatever one wants and does whatever one wants and if others don’t like it they don’t look at it and draw whatever they want. Is that simple.

    Besides the daily flashes aren’t touhou related, they are more like a journal.

    In other words: go whine at whatever forum/imageboard/”community” you came from.
    You talk about “touhou community”, but that thing doesn’t exist. Random people just like touhou and sometimes gather in a few places. But you can’t talk about a gloval touhou community.

  • That one Anonymous that criticized your work (Disgruntled Fairy)

    And people like you is the reason why there is no strong community today.

    Go read the /touhou/ archives and tell there was nothing there..

  • Yes Anonymous, they aren’t dedicated to Touhou, but there are often scenes of characters from it in the daily flashes. I know (well, I think…) KirbyM’s showing her appreciation for the characters, and as far as artwork goes, they’re not a masterpiece (not saying I could do any better), but I’m not saying that’s all she’s capable of. Neither am I saying that she _should_ try harder, because they are not _supposed_ to be works of art – as you say, they seem to be more of a journal.

    BUT, I see what Disgruntled Fairy means. I agree that due to these ‘offspring’ products, people new to Touhou certainly are likely to get the wrong end of the stick and not see or understand Touhou for the vast and intricate (is that really the right word?) product which it really is.

    However, I don’t mean to sound cliché, but ultimately, music and artwork are different ways in which fans show their appreciation. In fact, almost all the arranges of Touhou music I know were arranged by Japanese artists / music production companies, so I don’t think it’s right to think that it’s only ‘Western’ people ‘degrading’ the true quality (not to say that the music is bad).

    Speaking of music, I am currently trying to create an entire album of my own arranges of themes from Touhou, and I can assure you that I am putting a lot of time and effort into it. I certainly don’t intend to corrupt how new people perceive Touhou. In fact, if I ever do get it finished (which certainly won’t be happening in a few months), and release it on CDs, I think I might explain what the music actually originates from on an inlay in the CD case.

  • Almost 100 comments! =D


    Personally, I think Disgruntled Fairy is wrong to criticize KirbyM, and SomthingUnreal makes a good point that its not meant to be art.

    And, If you dont like it, then why do you even bother posting it? It seems to me like you were just looking for an arguement… I say we just drop it and move on…

  • OOH, OOH!!! I WANNA GET THE 100th POST!!! XD



  • Someone who never comments. :D

    *reads all 96 comments*

    I love reading flamewars, but I don’t feel like getting wrapped up in this one. KirbyM’s randomness makes everything better. Random is good, IMO.

    Also, 97th (lol). :D

  • Flame wars? o_O I thought that most of the time we were having a civilized discussion.

    By the lack of power invested in me, I grant this the 98th post.

  • In before 100th comment.

  • I am a genius! :D

    (⑨⑨th comment)

  • Hey Reimu I am a genius :D

    Right Reimu?

    Marisa tell Reimu I’m a genius! :D

    I am a *burned*

  • You guys are pathetic.

  • lol
    NEW HI SCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You were actually the 100th post, not the 99th!^^
    So congrats!!!

  • That was some crack.

  • Lol, I just rewatched the 100th daily flash and loved the bit where Marisa comes flying in through the window and then master sparks her self. xD

  • ¡Congrats for the 100th daily flash!

    By the way… poor Alice, was Mastersparked! But at least she was in the party, with Marisa. :)

  • Walfas! You are amazing! xDDDD

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