Well uhh, I didn’t have any time to make a daily flash today, so sorry about that. Had to go to a friend’s house to do a project, and got home at like 6:30ish. Then later, I ate dinner and whatnot, and then I had to work on an art project. Basically it was a design thing where we had to cut things out of black/white paper and use glue and stuff to create a five-panel story of some sort. The art project turned out quite nice in my opinion.

In mine, there’s a bunch of bats outside a mansion of some sort (perhaps I should’ve made it red… or scarlet) at night time, and then a girl with a poofy hat, a fang, and a set of vampire-like wings appears, and there’s this maid in the mansion who is like “oh noes, it’s some bats and a vampire!” And then it turns out that the vampire girl just wanted some tea. Or coffee. Or whatever’s in the cup in the bottom-right corner of the last panel.

I’d go scan it, but I don’t get how this scanner works, and I have to go now, so I guess I can’t do it. I might do it at the end of the school year when we get our artwork back, along with the “Pinecone-to-Patchy” transformation drawing I did some time ago.

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