Super Awesome Videos Post

This weekend had some pretty awesome videos. Here’s a bunch of them.

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Another flash by TETLA POT, starring Nitori. It’s part of Mesopota Road Show, sorta like the Mesopota thing from awhile ago. In addition, there’s also a tennis-danmaku game by Chibitami in there, and a flash by Locker Room Productions. There’s also other stuff but I don’t feel like trying to understand how to access them. It’s a trial version, so it’s not really the full versions of the flashes. The full thing will require paying money, or waiting for an inevitable upload to youtube.

More videos in the full post!



It’s this video from September, in full color! On a related note, it seems as if the artist at least knows who I am, because I recently bookmarked his pixiv page, only to find out that he had already bookmarked mine a long time ago. Which is quite awesome.



Here is an Aya-centric video, based on a COOL&CREATE song. I remember seeing the sketch version, and it was really different from the final result (unless this video isn’t the fully finished version). I expected it to be in 2D or something, but uhh… it’s in 3D. Well, Aya is anyway. Yeah.



A short animation of Youmu doing stuff. Look at that oversized sword! I guess it’s fitting, seeing how she’s the protagonist of the video.

Well, the next videos are actually quite old, but they’re also pretty cool and I haven’t posted them yet, so I’ll just include them because I can.



Touhou iPod commercial parody. Now that I think about it, I never see iPod commercials like this anymore. But then again, I guess it might be because I don’t really watch that much TV anymore either.



I didn’t actually watch the majority of the video (Looked like it had a lot of Japanese text that I didn’t feel like trying to understand), but the intro is pretty cool.



I don’t really feel like writing up an explanation for this one, but it has Cirno in it. This was a long post.

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