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Videos for Mar 6, 2011

A whole bunch of Mesopota videos and then some other things

???PV? Double Flutter ????Short ver.?


???????PV? ?S complex ????Short ver.?


???PV? The Subterranean Prominence ????Short ver.?






????? ??????????




Also these two things which are pretty neat and related to this site but not really very Touhou-related

Walfas Daily Flash ????? (Nico ver w/ extras)
Walfas – Miku – Popipo (dA)

Create.swf – Akyu (Revised)

Added a revised version of Hieda no Akyu to create.swf. Also:

BG: Eientei outside, Eientei courtyard, waterfall (spring)
Objects: TV set (Back), lotus, lich plush, Flandre wing (colorable) scarf (colorable), raft (colorable), piano, paintbrush, pie (colorable), spiked club, syringe (colorable), chainsaw, sickle; “grey UFO” renamed to “giant UFO” and is now colorable
Arms: brown trenchcoat
Body: red trenchcoat
Items: gun, spiked club, syringe, chainsaw, sickle
Hair: Rinnosuke without ahoge
Preset: Versions of Reimu with the different outfits added last week (hair is a bit inaccurate though)

Here are the actionscript-related things added by Thefre:

– Added more keyboard shortcuts.
– B button will activate interactive BG effects if applicable.
– Number keys 0-9 change the eyes or mouth of targeted character. (You can set this under hotkeys in options)
– Using Shift+D on a character will scramble 9 copies of that character.
– Function of U key is merged into L. L locks all of target character’s parts while shift+L unlocks them.
– Options menu revamped.
– System messages can now be toggled.
– Text bubbles can now be spawned with random text in them.


Akyu, create.swf, updating, etc. Okay, updating done. Uhh… yeah. I think next time, I might redo the create.swf interface, because now that there’s like 50 characters (or at least around that) and tons of accessories, items, faces, etc, using left/right arrows to switch is becoming a hassle. So expect some changes next time. And if I get lazy, I guess I’ll just update with some other character instead (is there anyone left from the non-PC-98 stuff?)