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Videos for Mar 6, 2011

A whole bunch of Mesopota videos and then some other things

???PV? Double Flutter ????Short ver.?


???????PV? ?S complex ????Short ver.?


???PV? The Subterranean Prominence ????Short ver.?






????? ??????????




Also these two things which are pretty neat and related to this site but not really very Touhou-related

Walfas Daily Flash ????? (Nico ver w/ extras)
Walfas – Miku – Popipo (dA)

C78 Reminder + Videos for Aug 13, 2010

Reminder for anyone going to Comiket 78 later today, New Hori-ZUN 2 can be purchased at this booth:


?6 “?”21a

And here are some videos I’m gonna post today rather than Sunday because some of them are previews for things at C78 and wouldn’t make as much sense to post them after. Videos include: Touhou version of Makai Tenshi Djibril 4 OP (note: possibly NSFW at the very end, I guess), IOSYS PV starring Hatate, ??PVD preview from SOUND HOLIC, what appears to be a [pretty awesome] draft version of an EoSD PV, a PV of some characters messing up at various things, and a Remilia PV.

??????? ????????? ??? ???OP???

(Nicovideo / Original)


(Nicovideo / Website)


(Nicovideo / Website)

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Create.swf – Luna Child (Revised)

Added a revised version of Luna Child to create.swf. Also these things:

Body: Reimu (EoSD), Reimu (PCB), Reimu (PoFV), Reimu (SA), brown coat, maid outfit (black), all white, blue suit
Hat: Jason mask, cabbie hat, baseball cap, red bandana, bowler hat, tied headband, paper bag
Mouth: Mouth 64, 65, 66, 67, 68
Object: scimitar, skeleton hand, briefcase, briefcase 2
BG: underground mine, computer grid
Accessory: red armband
Item: scimitar

Thefre also implemented the following changes:

– Scenes are no longer loaded with autoscale on.
– Imported images are now saved with scenes.
– Point of origin for imported images are now at the center of the image.

Also, here is an informative video about importing images, by Thefre.

Create.swf – Hatate

Added a Hatate to create.swf! Unfortunately I don’t have much time to add anything else (besides her cellphone as an item/object) due to all this schoolwork I have to do (still have an essay and some p.chem stuff to do for Monday). Spring break, more like spring… work… yeah. 0.5kx^2… well anyway, Thefre updated some things too.

Updates include the following:
– Putting “Newest” as your default character will spawn the newest character when you first open up the swf.
– Changed Geek a byte font to Geek a byte 2.
– Added wingdings font.
– Added a message display for saving scenes and characters.
– Added the ability to reorder parts of a scene.
– Fixed an error in the fusion hair color code for Fusion Lab background.
– Changed some things in the Mysterious Gap toy.
– You gain life for every 1000 points you score. (Up to 5)
– Dying no longer gives two large power ups.
– Added the amount of small power ups you receive for getting Ran or Chen off Yukari’s side.
– Changed the center of rotation for Ran and Chen.
– Proper bounces (Bouncing off of focus barrier with Shift or Z) rewards one small power up.

As for requests, if you have any, post them in the previous create.swf blog entry rather than this one, since I’ll be checking that next week. No idea if I’ll actually get around to doing this week’s round of requests though, since I’m sure I’ll have a ton of requested stuff to add next week ’cause I didn’t get to add any of last week’s requests today.