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Create.swf – TH13.5, TH14 demo

Added characters:

Also added Kokoro’s mask (“colorable”) as an object (use the “ghostly aura” object for the blue effect), Mamizou Leaf 2 as a hat, Miko’s cape as a back.

Create.swf – Ichirin

Added a revised version of Ichirin to create.swf, also some other things:

Obj: Spray (colorable), spoon, bowl, balloon (stringless), laptop closed, tengu mask
Acc: Taped mouth, Advent Cirno (reversed), Tengu mask
Body: Mummy, Kimono (red white), flame pants
Back: Black dragon wings
Hat: Tengu mask
Eyes: 130-132

Blanket object can be colored black and white
NWTI Marisa is now colorable, Darkness is now colorable


Added Shanghai to create.swf. And that is the only reason she is in the image above. Apparently, the solution to Sanae’s senseless killing is with more killing! Killing that produces less blood fruit punch, but still killing. Also, ignore the fact that dollars probably isn’t the official currency of Gensokyo.

Zombie Fairy

Added Zombie Fairy to create.swf as a character! Interesting that she gets added as a character before Shanghai is, but that’s how it worked out! Anyway, because of Sanae, these preview images are getting increasingly violent. Also, Boxing Chen wins the fight! Turns out they were moving in slow motion for the past few weeks.

Also, there’s this.

UFO Marisa

Added Marisa‘s outfit from TH12:UFO to create.swf! Also, it is revealed that the giant M on her outfit stands for Marisa. Who knew?