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C78 Reminder + Videos for Aug 13, 2010

Reminder for anyone going to Comiket 78 later today, New Hori-ZUN 2 can be purchased at this booth:


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And here are some videos I’m gonna post today rather than Sunday because some of them are previews for things at C78 and wouldn’t make as much sense to post them after. Videos include: Touhou version of Makai Tenshi Djibril 4 OP (note: possibly NSFW at the very end, I guess), IOSYS PV starring Hatate, ??PVD preview from SOUND HOLIC, what appears to be a [pretty awesome] draft version of an EoSD PV, a PV of some characters messing up at various things, and a Remilia PV.

??????? ????????? ??? ???OP???

(Nicovideo / Original)


(Nicovideo / Website)


(Nicovideo / Website)

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Sunday’s videos post! A graphically-updated version of that beer video (sm3650591) from a really long time ago!

Suika Transformation

Suika has become the alcohol.

Videos for Mar 21, 2010

Videos! Some random “Captain Jack” stuff and then some full versions of Mesopota stuff (which makes up the majority of this post and are likely the most interesting but nevertheless they will come after the “continue reading this post” pagebreak). And then a Suika PV. Yeah!





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Christmas 2009

Ended up reusing a lot of stuff for this one and it wasn’t thought out as well as I would have liked, but oh well! I don’t like it as much as the other ones, but it’s Christmas, so who cares! I like the end. That is, the very very end. Merry Christmas!

Update: Someone uploaded and translated it on Nicovideo!