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Videos for Dec 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!





【MAD】 Puchi Touhou – X’mas Special 2 【1/2】

Videos for Mar 21, 2010

Videos! Some random “Captain Jack” stuff and then some full versions of Mesopota stuff (which makes up the majority of this post and are likely the most interesting but nevertheless they will come after the “continue reading this post” pagebreak). And then a Suika PV. Yeah!





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(Nicovideo / Mesopota)
Mesopota preview! A whole bunch of things! There’s also links to individual videos on the Mesopota site (and if you don’t have a Nico account, you can find them on YouTube by searching for the names).

Kapanet Nitori



Another TETLA POT animation!! It’s Nitori again!

Videos for Mar 29, 2009

This week’s videos post! First, we have the sequel to the first Touhou Pianoforte (it’s better to listen it on Nicovideo or the mp3 if you want it uninterrupted), a video for SCARLET ZONE (based on the song RED ZONE) in which the creator managed to turn a very short dance animation from Pani Poni Dash’s 2nd OP into an almost-two-minute dance, and then a PV for Cirno Racing (I think the video is actually from awhile ago but there isn’t much else to post today), and a comparison version of the Yukkuri Cirno’s Perfect Math Class to the original TETLA POT one. Not too many new videos this week, but I guess the Pianoforte one is awesome enough to make up for it.

????? II Pianoforte

(Youtube: Part I, Part II, Part III / Nicovideo)



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