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Videos for Feb 13, 2011

More Reimu vs Utsuho, a Youmu thing, a MariAli thing, lollipop, and then more nyanyanya(etc)





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Videos for Dec 26, 2010

Videos for today! A PV for another Toho Kinema Kan thing, preview for part 2 of that 3D Reimu vs Utsuho fight thing, an IOSYS PV about Kaguya, and then a bunch of songs.

??????????? ??????-Toho kourindo-? ????????PV?


?3D???????? ???


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Create.swf – Satori (Revised)

Added a revised version of Satori to create.swf, also:

Obj: pom-pom, bomb, Yorihime’s sword, Toyohime’s fan, Dalek, crocodile, shovel, third leg 2, popsicle (colorable)
Hat: Toeto, Shou’s Ornament 2, Old Green Ribbon, Baseball Cap back
Arms: short black sleeves, Suika (2 Alt), Reimu (PC-98 2 Green)
item: pom-poms, Yorihime’s sword, Toyohime’s fans
Body: Reimu (PC-98 2 Green), Alice (2 Alt Pose)
Acc: face blush, Aya scarf+ears
BG: cathedral ruins (based on this), forest night 1+2
Hair: sin sack
Back: nail
Eye: 124

As an unrelated note, the folks behind Story of a Lost Sky (Touhou fangame project) have released version 0.5.1 of their game, which you can check out here.

Create.swf – Orin (Revised)

Added a revised version of Orin to create.swf, with these things:

Body: Black robe, EE5F00, FFFF1A, 71BB00, 00BB5E, 00A9BB, 1AE9FF, 1A76FF, 91BDFF, AD77FF, 893CFF, D83CFF, 9D9D9D, 6A6A6A, 404040, Utsuho (Alt), blue overalls
Obj: Chips, frog, TARDIS, mega buster, laptop, bar table, jukebox, camcorder, camcorder (tripod), nail
Arms: Sleeveless outstretched, long outstretched, Reimu outstretched, short blue, Utsuho (2C)
Hat: Jester, black hood, tiger ears, baseball cap (green, orange, red)
Acc: Night vision 1+2
Eyes: 117-123
Mouth: 74-78
Back: tiger tail
BG: Bar 2

All the hexadecimal-looking names for new clothes are just the colors for the clothes (which are plain solid colors).

Also, I didn’t notice until today, but nobiy has created a desktop version of Pet Tenshi which you can download at his site here. I haven’t tried it, but now I know it exists!