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Videos for Mar 6, 2011

A whole bunch of Mesopota videos and then some other things

???PV? Double Flutter ????Short ver.?


???????PV? ?S complex ????Short ver.?


???PV? The Subterranean Prominence ????Short ver.?






????? ??????????




Also these two things which are pretty neat and related to this site but not really very Touhou-related

Walfas Daily Flash ????? (Nico ver w/ extras)
Walfas – Miku – Popipo (dA)

[C79] Folder images

Here’s some images of the folders available tomorrow at C79 for anyone who’s going.



Previous C79 post can be found here.

Reitaisai SP – Alphabet folder

???SP, R-28a

Reitaisai SP is on September 19th! There will be some Walfas stuff for sale there, including this new folder with letters of the alphabet! As always, more info can be found on ddiction (English here). For anyone who is going to that, the booth location is R-28a.

Edit: Image changed to a picture of the actual folder. For the thing from before, click here. Also here’s a close-up of Suwako.

Walfas 3-year Anniversary

Hmm so I guess it’s been three years now. The standard procedure for anniversary posts is to post a whole lot of links to old stuff. So that is what this post will be!

Also this year was probably the least interesting year so far due to college and other stuff such as me losing interest, running out of ideas, and not updating daily. Though when going through all the posts made this year, I was surprised I was still able to find a lot of stuff. I guess it’s just the past few months that seemed very inactive (also the fact that I haven’t made a daily flash since April). Oh well.

After this year, I guess it’s all downhill from here, folks! Is what I am assuming, but that sounds terribly negative, so… yeah.

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More Drawings

(Image directory)

I guess as a sequel to the other post about drawings, here is this post with more drawings. This time in SAI Paint Tool rather than Flash. Also randomly created was crazy-looking hair girl. And various other drawings of characters from Toradora and Working!!, ’cause I watched those recently.

Other images can be seen here too, though it has some other random non-drawing things.