Comiket 79



C79 is coming up! More info can be found here.

++ Books ++
(New) NEW HORI-ZUN: English Course 1 Study Guide 400 yen
(Reprint) NEW HORI-ZUN: English Course 1 800 yen

++ Folders++
(New) Akyu File Folder (name still TBD) 200 yen
(Reprint) Walfas Create.swf File Folder Ver.??? 200 yen
NEW HORI-ZUN Alphabet File Folder 200 yen
Alice File Folder 300 yen (plans to lower price)
IS THAT SO File Folder 200 yen (low stock)

++ Other ++
Small Buttons (Round) 100 yen
Aki Sisters Button (Square) 200 yen (low stock)

19 Responses to “Comiket 79”

  • The Aki Sisters buttons are low on stock!? D:

    …What do the Small buttons have on them?

  • Well the Aki sister’s are quite popular somehow and almost a lot of people buy those items.

    It’s really nice, that with the help of a few touhou characters my Japanese friends can learn english.

  • You don’t more flash ?

    ¿No vas a hacer mas flash?

  • My god…A Cirno “New Horizun” with Letty? I ove you more than ever…

  • NICE~but I already speak english.

  • Ah, something else to order from NForza once the event’s over. Last time a New HoriZUN doujinshi came out, I mused to him: How is this sort of thing received by Japanese fans? Do they seem to get all the English, or does it seem they just enjoy the humorous images, much as many non-Japanese speakers enjoy Japanese doujinshi? Do they get all the in-jokes?

    I didn’t expect answers (and I didn’t get any :-) ), but I still wonder.

  • Wait… why’s Nazrin a “hamster”?

  • @Ianator: She’s not; the question is “are you a ____?” and her answer is “No, I’m not”

  • ハムスターじゃないか!私の英語は下手です。

  • If you only know how to say a few things in English, you might as well know how to say “Are you a fairy?”

  • Oo… thanks! (I received a email notice from the sudden jump in traffic xD)

    These are the samll buttons:

    Well, considering the price of normal doujinshi (which is like 500 yen) the New Hori-ZUN books tend to be received very well for something priced 800 yen. (It’s all in color so, the printing’s realy expensive. ><) Anyway, lots of intermediate/high school students tend to buy it, since, I guess they are familiar with the text this is a parody of.

    Look at the exercise, it says "No, I'm not." (^^;

  • @Talka:
    Thanks for the response. I just get a kick out of thinking how the humor crosses language barriers and all, kind of like the way some Nico commenters are amused at how much KirbyM knows about Touhou for a non-Japanese.

  • Well, that explains it. ^^;

  • I was wondering… anyone who’s not a non-english speaker can use the New Hori-Zun books to improve their English? I mean, not only japanese students, but from another countries, too (even when I know I’ll never have a copy *cries*).

  • Hello, I am a Celestial.
    No, I am not flat-chested!

  • I want a New Hori-Zun copy so much. ;_; How can I get to see it all in America?

  • Regarding buying stuff, please refer to this post. It says “file folders” specifically but it applies to other stuff as well.

  • Hello! Do you wear pads?

    – THE WORLD – *stabstabstabstabstabstabstab*

    …No, I don’t.

  • Is there any way to get those folders without going to Comiket 79 (Comiket is over, anyway).
    I really like the artwork and I see the familiar fairy Cirno on the folder (have a t-shirt of it ^_^)

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