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[C78] New Hori-ZUN 2

The sequel to New Hori-ZUN 1 will be available at Comiket 78 in Japan in August! I posted this on pixiv awhile ago but now I’m gonna post it here too! Here is some information regarding the booth location and date, for anyone who might be going:


?6 “?”21a

This time it was more of a collaborative effort, organized by NForza, with art by Miluda, ???? (Ohisama), and myself.

A preview of one of the chapters can be found here. Some information can also be found on



Edit: Okay, April Fool’s Day is over in this timezone, but I’ll leave that as the front page until tomorrow afternoon or something, ’cause I’m too lazy to change it now.
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Walfas @ Reitaisai 7

Reitaisai 7 is just around the corner! March 14th (Oh boy, it’s also pi day)! So anyway, for anyone who’s going, you can find Walfas merchandise at the ddiction booth at…


Along with a bunch of older stuff (NEW HORI-ZUN 1, ?-crew folders, create.swf folders, Aki sisters folders, and Yuyuko keychains), there’s also a new folder design in collaboration with ????PYS, featuring Rumia. The front will be a transparent silhouette of Rumia in Michael Jackson’s “This is it” pose. If you have a pixiv account, you can view the original here. The transparency on the front allows you to see through to the back of the folder, with the rest of the EoSD cast on a stage.

I also submitted something to the Parsee Anthology Project (same organizer as the Aki sisters anthology project), and more information about it can be found on the site.



Here’s a PV for this game with some music by IOSYS! Also, today is Christmas Eve! Unless you’re in a timezone in which it is currently Christmas Day! Also, now that it’s winter, I have changed to a winter theme! It’s actually pretty much the same as last year’s winter theme (except the falling snow in the top banner is in different places), but I think it’s nice.

[C77] New Hori-ZUN

For anyone going to Comiket 77, make sure to visit the Walfas/ddiction booth on December 30th (Day 2) East District ス[Su]-23b! There will be these full-color 32-page textbooks on sale, featuring Touhou’s stage 1-2 characters! Learn English, yeah!

The title is a parody of the New Horizon textbooks. The idea and all the writing and stuff was done by NForza (who you can still buy folders from, by the way!), and I did the artwork. Above is a preview of the cover and two of the pages!

Also special thanks to おひさま (Ohisama, who also did some fanart back in May 2008) for helping out at an earlier Marisa-themed event (that I never actually mentioned on here because I forgot about it until I realized it was already over)! He helped with a preview version of the textbook, scribbling notes and drawings in the margins and on the pictures as if Marisa were writing in the textbook. This preview version will also be distributed for free at C77 for people who purchase the full book.

More information can be found on