Comiket 76

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Update (I forgot to include this when I made this post yesterday): If you plan on going to C76 and plan on visiting the booth, you should read the latest two entries on ddiction (The posts titled “Comic Market 76 Information” and “Additional Comiket 76 Information”) for more information!

Well, Comiket 76 starts in a few days, and here are some things to check out if you’re going! First is the Aki Sisters Anthology Project, a book with a bunch of Aki-sisters-themed stories and images, with some contributions from English-speaking Touhou fans (The list can be found on the site, above the image of the Aki sister keychains and below the other image)!

I contributed some things to it as well, though there’s a bit of reused stuff. I submitted a few short 4koma pages, and realized trying to fit things into four panels is a hard thing for me to do, so the humor turned out a bit different from the usual. Anyway, my pages happen to be in color because the organizer (Nakasako) suggested that it might look good in color, so I said it was fine if no one else wanted color pages. And… yeah, go check out the Aki Sisters Anthology Project if you’re going to C76!

The next thing is the Aki sisters file folder, based on this flash from last November. Just like the other file folders, but apparently this one is made of different material or something, and Talka decided to print less of them. These will actually be sold at the same booth as the Aki Sisters Anthology Project, so you can conveniently purchase both things at the same time! Or maybe just one of them. Or none, but hopefully not none! Either way, if you’re going, be sure to go check it out!

And again, the booth is at N-44b on August 15, 2009!

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