Monthly Archive for May, 2008


Added Tenshi to create.swf! And some imageboard-like background with changeable text!

Speaking of create.swf, here’s a really awesome create.swf video thing made by somebody on nicovideo! Woooo!

Patchcone (And Unnamed Character clay model)

No create.swf update today, sorry. Guess I’ll do it tomorrow. Anyway, COMING UP LATER… PATCHCONE. STAY TUNED. I present to you… PATCHCONE! Yes, Patchcone, that pinecone transformation drawing I had to do in class on January 31st. We got our artwork back yesterday, since school is almost over (It’s still not over yet… sigh), so I decided to scan it. The image was drawn on a piece of paper that was too big for my scanner, so I had to split it up into four different parts. Then I decided I might as well trace over it in flash to make it look nicer. If you want to see the original scans, you can click on these links. When I get back one of my other art projects, I guess I’ll scan it and post it as well.

In other news, here is a clay model of Unnamed Character made by my internet friend k0n! Seriously, it’s awesome.

Vision testing

Okay, now that Hamlet’s over, I guess I’ll go back to the usual stuff. We had vision testing last Friday actually, and I kinda failed horribly at it somehow. For some reason I couldn’t read the third row, and I thought the T was an F, and right after I said it, I just thought “oh wow, I’m stupid.”

Hamlet (Act V)


Hamlet (Act IV)

Here’s act IV of Hamlet! Making this one didn’t take as long, for some reason. Probably because I reused a lot of frames. Anyway, there’s only one act after this, so next time it’s the finale!