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Videos for Jan 31, 2010

Videos! Kogasa PV, Nitori PV, Orin/Utsuho/Satori dance, Marisa dancing to Smooth Criminal, parody of Princess Party OP (song is by IOSYS apparently, so I guess at least there is some connection), Shanghai (and Hourai?) singing that one LocoRoco song with those weird lyrics, Mystia PV, Souryu playing another Demetori song, and a few bittan bittan videos (a fairly popular new Nico meme).

[??????? ??:??????????]???????PV[???]




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Create.swf – Shinki (Revised)

Added a revised version of Shinki to create.swf. Here are the other things:

Hats: Darth Vader helm
BGs: Scarlet Hallway 2, Eientei Hallway, Moon Corridor (Hakurei Shrine Border background has been changed)
Items: Youmu Set 2 (revised swords)
Objects: Youmu Sword 2A, Youmu Sword 2B, Skeleton, Shinki’s Ahoge (Also, “Power-Up!!” aura can now be colored)
Arm: Utsuho (Alt) (Utsuho arm cannon is on the other arm)


Chen with a chainsaw, oh boy! The combination of “Chen” and “chainsaw” is not an original thing because it is a fairly obvious compound word that has been used many times before.

コマ撮り実験アニメ「6566/6566」【Bad Apple!! PV【影絵】アレンジ】

??????????6566/6566??Bad Apple!!????????????

Bad Apple!! printed on paper and stop-motion’d! Must have been incredibly time consuming.

Tenshi Rock

This is named “Tenshi Rock” simply because Tenshi is in it, and there is a rock (or possibly an infinite number of identical rocks). Another version of possible Tenshi rock can be found here.

In other news, problems from college-level physics textbooks are much more difficult than those from high school textbooks. That is all.