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[C79] Folder images

Here’s some images of the folders available tomorrow at C79 for anyone who’s going.



Previous C79 post can be found here.

Arduino KS0108 touchscreen Marisa program

So I made this Marisa touchscreen pet thing with monochrome graphics based on Patchcon’s Marisa sprites. Touching the screen produces a mushroom, and Marisa walks toward it. If you leave her alone long enough, she does some actions, until you create another mushroom or one appears on its own.

More info and souce/sprites here.

Videos for Dec 26, 2010

Videos for today! A PV for another Toho Kinema Kan thing, preview for part 2 of that 3D Reimu vs Utsuho fight thing, an IOSYS PV about Kaguya, and then a bunch of songs.

??????????? ??????-Toho kourindo-? ????????PV?


?3D???????? ???


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RGB LED on Ustream

Whoops, Christmas is over, but here’s this thing I’m going to try to keep online overnight until I wake up tomorrow. I’ve been working on stuff over at the Walf|EE blog and this Ustream thing is basically just a cool non-Touhou-related thing I thought I might mention over here as well. Type “!rgb # # #” into the chat (where # is an integer from 0 to 255, for example “!rgb 255 128 255”) and the LED will crossfade into that color.

Edit: Okay, stream’s over! Surprised it stayed up all night without disconnecting.

Comiket 79



C79 is coming up! More info can be found here.

++ Books ++
(New) NEW HORI-ZUN: English Course 1 Study Guide 400 yen
(Reprint) NEW HORI-ZUN: English Course 1 800 yen

++ Folders++
(New) Akyu File Folder (name still TBD) 200 yen
(Reprint) Walfas Create.swf File Folder Ver.??? 200 yen
NEW HORI-ZUN Alphabet File Folder 200 yen
Alice File Folder 300 yen (plans to lower price)
IS THAT SO File Folder 200 yen (low stock)

++ Other ++
Small Buttons (Round) 100 yen
Aki Sisters Button (Square) 200 yen (low stock)