Create.swf – Yuka, Yukari

Added revised versions of Yuka (PC-98 pajamas version) and Yukari (PCB version). Also these things:

Arms: kimono (purple), kimono (maroon)
Item: Sanae’s stick 2, sword of some sort
Back: blue dragon, blue dragon wings
Body: white suit 2
Mouth: 82

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  • Thanks for the wings, Kirby! *Hugs* And…I feel sleepy now…

  • Oh, whoops…it seems the Maroon and Purple Kimono sleeves are both purple.

  • Everyone is so sleepy (but is it safe to sleep outside like that!?)

  • Are you sleeping, are you sleeping, Yu-ka-ri, Yu-ka-ri. Morning bells are ringing, Mystia is singing, ding ding dong, ding ding dong.~

  • @Doomsday: Whoops, should be fixed now

  • Where can I request stuffs?

    If here, is it possible for you to make dangos(item)and party hats(hat)?

  • @Suppa Tenko-

    Right here, man. Just say anything you want in the comments, but for KirbyMs sake, I wouldn’t suggest so many things.

    … Speaking of, I actually do RQ the White Reimu CtC outfit, if and when you can get to it, KM.

  • It seems that the only things that are ever posted here nowatimes are brief revisements and videos. Hope 2011 will be bustling with daily posts as it was before June.

    …Anyways, I’ll still be waitin’ for za Earth from Space BG~.

  • That is a pretty snazzy and awesome White Suit right there. … er, is it supposed to have the crescent-moon pin? It’s still awesome either way.

    My request is for Reimu’s hair-ribbon, repurposed as a scarf, like in that 3D Reimu-vs-Utsuho video. Also for an actual bald head, maybe with longish white hair in back.

  • Ah, i was going to ask an extra request last update. I was hoping for a floating thought bubble and a spray bottle thats changable.

    Like by pressing C you can change the water from full to half to empty and change it from no spray to water spraying.

  • Requesting the UFO preset again please thanks

  • And a naked body would be very useful for: ran,mannosuke and sin sack

  • I’d like to ask about two things.
    1) A version of the dragon stuff the same color as Mima’s hair.
    2) Making the Pokeball colorable. Kuroi’s supposed to have a whole bunch of Master Balls thanks to her adventures in Corna, after all.

  • Since you revised PCB yukari mind doing a revised yukari ( just yukari please thanks~)

  • Kirbym,for the next one can we have a Layla2?

  • request:
    hat- black cat ears
    items- a sword that looks like the tetsusaiga from inuyasha.
    thats it for now.

  • Happy Halloween Kirby!

    Hair: slick back short hair, liberty spikes
    Mouth: Kinda like mouth 63 but w/normal teeth,
    buck tooth grin
    Eyes: Distilled pupils
    Object: Pinata, keg, nightstand, school desk (like the type in high school), bleachers, spray paint can, whipped cream can

  • Hmm, come to think of it, I could use a sunset and night version of the clocktower background. So I’ll request those if I may, please and thank you. :3

  • I find it strange that of all things…there isn’t a Kirby object or toy…or a knight, that steals things. Marisa doesn’t count.

  • Yukarin and Yukarin~

    BG: Earth from Space, and the inside of a cathedral, in a red tint

    That’s it for requests from me.

  • Oh, also another request:
    Object: Pineapple

    Please and thank you :3

  • Wait a minute! Nobody bothered to make the “Youkai Moe” reference yet? What is the world coming to?

  • Oh yeah! One last request at the moment: “pure white” as a color-option for mushrooms.

  • requests:

    body: meira’s body but without the stretched out shoulder pads. pretty much an updated meira body that’s shaped like a regular body.

    items: youmu set two with the myon added to it, please.

    accesory: myon

    please and thank you. :)

  • Well,still three more days before you do any requests yet so I’m just asking (if you don’t want you don’t have to) could you do some
    more unofficial characters like: Karen yawata, well mainly I just want a revised version of the UFO characters please ~Thanks alot~

  • KirbyM is it possible for you to put sleeveless arm(bend and normal) along with mikomiko sleeve arm as an object and then make the sleeveless arms colorable from the hand tip so they can be possibly used as legs. That would be awesome!!

    While we’re at it can you also add one side puffed up cheek as a new mouth, like when they’re eating.

  • Requesting a scarecrow object.

    And was wondering months ago if you were going to revise Pajamas Yuka or PCB Yukari after Shingyoku. Glad to see the answer was “yes”.

  • Requesting:
    1. Running, you know, circles in an arc (feet)
    2. Sketchy Marisa (like in some of your Daily Flashes) (object)
    3. Possum (don’t know how to spell that) (object)
    4. Dust cloud (like someone’s running) (object)

  • I love the new dragon wings, but can you please make a black pair?

    Actually, now that I think about it, if you added white and red as well you’d have covered all of the D&D Chromatic Dragons. Is that what you’re planning?

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