Borrowing Pencils

Okay, I don’t really like this one that much, but I just want to say that it’s kinda annoying when people borrow pencils or pens and don’t return them. Usually I start a school year with a full set of brand new pencils, and in a few weeks, I have two or three left. Most of the time I forget to ask people for the pen/pencil back at the end of class, but it should really be the borrower’s responsibility to return it. Sometimes people say things like “I’ll give it back after the next class” but never do, and that’s even more annoying. However, there are some people who will always give a pencil back even after forgetting to do so at the end of class, and they’ll hold on to it until the next time they see you, and those people are awesome.

I don’t know where I’m going with this rant, but I doubt it’s that interesting to most people (reading over it, I realized it probably makes me sound really angry, but it’s more of a minor annoyance, if anything). This didn’t happen recently or anything, but I just thought it needed to be addressed, because it is a very serious problem that runs rampant in a society where people borrow or lend writing utensils. Well, it’s not that serious.

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  • I used to borrow pencils all the time (I still do!) and never return them, but I didn’t loose them. I was just too lazy to bring them back =D

  • And thats why i never lend my writing tools out.

  • Eurgh, I hate having to loan people pencils. I always leave a pencil on my bedside table, right next to my glasses, so I always have one, but only one. So when people ask “hey can i has pencil dood” I can say that the pencil I have is my only one. If I do lend a pencil, I’ll constantly remind myself about it and hound them down at the end of class for it, but they’re usually good people and return it without me having to remind them.

    It must suck for those people who carry around those wooden pencils and not awesome mechanical pencils, though, because people will occasionally chew the pencils up, so that when you get it back you kinda don’t want it back.

    On the other hand, you have people who pester you at lunchtime for food, and those people are REALLY annoying, especially once they realize they won’t get anything out of you by asking and resort to thievery. Twice this kid tried to take my lunch when I wasn’t looking, I chased after him and assaulted him mercilessly.

  • NoWaiThatsImpossible:O

    you know what i hate also rather than borrowing pencils

    when people ask “may i borrow a dollar”

    how can you borrow it when you are going to spend it >:|

  • @MarisaMuffin: Ditto

  • @NoWaiThatsImpossible: Theoritical borrowing, I guess. They spend it and the next day they give you another one. But it’s really just a bad choice of words.

  • I dont need to lend out writing implements to lose them, they just disappear in my house all on their own. I swear that my house is actualy eating them. >.> <.<

  • Well, I always be the lender… for magazines, though. What’s more annoying than people who don’t return borrowed things is people who actually lend it to other people….

    But, either people really didn’t want to return back borrowed stuff, or didn’t have any chance to actually returning them…

  • Well, Headphone girl’s reaction at the end made me laugh.

  • @alphamone Yeah, I hate when that happens. And then when I really need a pencil I just find the ones with bad erasers that dirty up your paper when you erase.

  • Ah, yes. Pencil borrowing. One of my classmates once borrowed a hell lotta pencils from the teacher without her knowing. One day, she found out and he got in serious trouble. It happened to another classmate monthes later.

  • Ah, this is a matter where I’m master, I always borrow pens and pencils from people, yarrrr!
    And then, after the block ends, I dissapear, yarrrr, yarrrr!
    Next, I go to my ship and start polishing details turning them into brand new teeth, yarrr, yarrr, yarrr!!!

    No, now seriously, I always borrow pen/pencils from my classmates, but, it’s cause I have a poltergeist always surrounding me!

    I swear this thing steals everything from me! Pens, pencils, books, notebooks, backpacks, videogames from a fellow death a couple of years ago!!! (I’m serious, I’m still wondering how to repay that) and man, it’s not my fault… it’s… ah… the system… the system, yeah, it’s the responsible of all my problems.
    *probably referring to his own mind*

  • Daily flashes: covering all the aspects of your life (including borrowing pencils)

  • well if that person ever asks for your get to say “Well I’ll help you right as soon as you return me that thing you borrowed from me” … then you get a valid excuse for not having to go through the trouble of helping him And make him feel guilty at the same time. Hooray!

  • Today’s daily flash made me laugh more than I can remember a daily flash making me laugh before. Of course, that’s probably just due to sleep loss.

    Maybe the best time to view daily flashes is at 3:48 AM local time.

  • So I guess you too can have this problems. Seriously, what are these people thinking? And the weird part is when suddenly, there appear stuff that not even yours. You had to ask yourself whose are those. And you’re not the one who borrowed them.

    But yeah, it’s annoying.

  • Hmm, I always lent my pencils to people, and it happened a lot when I had to borrow one, but I’ve always returned them, and they always gave back the pencils. What was actually strange in a class where people always stole each other’s money and jewels. In my last year, it almost became a police case.

  • I always bought a cheap pack of pencils and pens in High School and College because I was always the person who was asked and I never got them back. But because of this I still have my favorite green mechanical pencil from over 10 years ago. I also always carried a lighter with me even though I didn’t smoke… because I was always asked for one.

    In junior high I lent out a nice pencil… one day a year later I asked the same person for one and they were like “Oh.. yeah, this is yours anyway…”


  • @Arlekin: Daily flashes: covering all the aspects of your daily life.

    This is why… no, how can I compare a mere pen or pencil to what has happened to me when it comes to this topic?

    You see, I have a horrible luck when it comes to lending things. Even to people I know I can trust in lending something, they might happen to lose or damage what I had lent them. I have lent and lost stuff like:
    -Pens, pencils, erasers, scissors, many other tools of that kind.
    -Video games
    -FREAKING MMORPG expensive armor. But was able to get that back. After like 3 or 4 months with some help of my cousin.
    -Variety of articles
    -My damn Gameboy color!
    -My Gameboy advance got damaged after I lent it to my cousin (the same one above) and now the screen doesn’t work.

    I am never lending my Nintendo DS to anyone. Ever.

    Incidentally, I almost never borrow anything, I don’t like to be in debt with someone.

    My policy is that when you lend something, you better consider it lost. Until they give it back at least (if they DO).

  • It’s a well-established scientific fact that 87% of all borrowed pencils end up into the Super-Sargasso Sea.

  • @Nietz: The Super Sargasso Sea is actually a giant gap made by Yukari.

  • this daily flash reminds me of how my mom took 10 dollars from me and forgot to pay me back. still

  • …which is why I don’t loan pencils

  • Nietz- Yukari did it. That’s why if you play Touhou Mother, you see all those random objects in the gap.

  • haha That happened to me a lot of times >.<

  • @Mew: Pff. My father borrowed 62000 HUF (circa 316 dollars) from me, and he still haven’t paid me back. It was actually more money but I got back a little of it and I bought a DS from it.

  • Protip: Never lend anyone any pens/pencils/anything

  • A big topic for me at school. Brings back idiotic memories of having some stuck-up girl telling me to go get her pencil from the computer room on the other side of school which has a class in it, and then finding out it’s not in there and having said girl annoy me for the rest of the school year.
    Sometimes I do return pencils, but I don’t really care whether my pencils get returned to me. But erm, enough on pencils. Generally they are the bane of my existance, sooo.

  • Instead of ‘borrowing’ your pencil and never giving them back, I’m going to ‘borrow’ your time!

    *Cough* I happen to have a new version of the EoSD Arrange out in case anyone cares.

  • I entered the seventh grade with about 200 pencils. About 3 months later, I had five left. I left the seventh grade with one pencil and a highlighter.

    School supplies diminish so quickly.

  • The trick is to only carry around 1 pen and 1 pencil. Not only do you save yourself the hassle of the extra weight, you always have an excuse not to lend to anybody. When I was in university, it was always 1 of everything, pen, pencil, eraser, sharpener, binder. Never had to lend to people, and it made my supplies last forever; I’ve still got a ton of pens and pencils from then.

  • Come to think of it…I never did get my pen back from my friend the other day…


  • @zerokirby15: Forget it. It’s gone. Forever. The end. Finite. A returning to dust.

  • I guess I’m one of the awesome people then!

  • @Fubu72:

    We should give the pen a funeral.

  • @Js2756

    In my strict Middle school, Its possible to get suspended for not having at least five pencils.

    Schools rules don’t make sense anymore. I can’t drink from water fountain if there’s hair in it, Saturday school for a tardy, you can’t use the bathroom at lunch, and you can’t sit in grass.

  • @star: I’m just glad I’m not experiencing this current wave of “Won’t someone think of the children histeria” that’s sweeping the country.

  • wawawa, everytime that somebody borrow a pencil from me they end up by stealing it from me…now i have only one pen…i’m not even sure where the heck my color pencils are…

  • I solved the whole pencil borrowing/losing problem easily:
    Name them. You would rather DIE than let somebody know you have a pencil named Lucky Smash.

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  • One of my classmate always get my pencil in my pencil case.. sometimes he never asked..Can i barrow your pencil please there is no please … and he was a black kid and my mom always change my pencil everyday …. there are time he stole my pencil… and never return it back… i told him why dont you asked your parents to buy you a pencil. he said ” nothing” there are time he give my pencil without eraser…i dont like it…i dont know why there are some kids have no manner to say please and thank you… i dont like it…

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