Create.swf – Mokou (Revised)

Added a revised version of Mokou to create.swf, along with an attempted Misty Lake background. Since the objects list is sorted alphabetically now, I renamed the bullets to “Bullet #” so that they’re all together. Well, most of them. Yep.

Edit: Oh yeah, and there’s this. Might as well mention it.

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  • First.

    YES! Mokou wins it!

  • Awesomes.
    The new wings are too epic to bear.

    Nao I request…… I have none.

  • 12.3?
    It seems like ZUN’s gonna make several touhou spinoffs this time.

    I wonder if that’s Cirno on the cover…

  • Mokotan~

    Plus, I’m quite sure that that’s Cirno on the cover. Meaning a game will come out, focused on Cirno! And maybe Sanae and Hong Meiling. But that’s only because I saw the 3 of them on a section of the page you linked.

  • If you go to the Character section of the Tasofro site posted, you can see the three confirmed new characters: Sanae, Cirno, and Meiling.

    There’s also a story tab, and Google translate made it seem like something a cool morning mist blocking the sun… So that silhouette really looks to be Cirno.

  • Yay, Moekko~

    … oh wow, those new wings are badass. o.o

  • I wonder what is going to happen to Gensokyo with all of these clones running around causing mischief?

  • The Strongest Cover!

  • It’s probably gonna be like IaMP and SWR!

  • The new game looks interesting!

  • This is Cirno’s chance to prove once and for all that she is the strongest! Awesome! Oh yeah and Sanae and Meiling too. I LOVE IT.

    A Mokou is nice too, though.

  • Yus, canon Sanae sideboob! And Cirno is the last boss!!

    I hope that Kaguya and Mokou will also be playable. And that when they fight, the BGM will be No Mercy. That’d be multicolored AWESOME!

  • By the way, Touhou Wiki’s already got a page on it, if you can believe it. It’s not much, but it DOES say that the planned release date is August 15, the day right after UFO releases. To be honest, this release date is probably just the demo release date, I’m not expecting the full version until sometime around at least November, but who knows? Maybe they’ve been working on it all along in secret and they only just announced it right before they release it.

    Touhou Wiki doesn’t have an English name for this yet either, though I did a Google search on it and here is what I got: “SWR was Hisouten, soku means ‘near’, or a pun for ‘zoku’ meaning sequel.” The site concludes that this game is gonna be an expansion of SWR, which I would definitely love because that’s the one I can play really well, IaMP was really tricky for me!

  • Muffin- That sideboob shouldn’t be turning you on.

  • NoWaiThatsImpossible:O

    but what mokou doesnt know is that there are two kaguyas!

    OH SHI- *booms*

  • Mokou where? I mean, in the new game. Just hope they add a few more characters (other than the given last boss(es)). It’s 12.3 after all.

    @Mariku: I don’t see why not. Sounds like something completely healthy.

  • So I’m guessing they’re keeping Tenshi in there? I see part of her kanji in the title. Also, LAST/EXTRA BOSS CIRNO?!

  • @Fubu72: Yeah, I mean, it’s not like she’s completely flat-chested like Reimu! *ofuda’d*

  • Mokou Update *1st strike*
    Ordered bullets *2nd strike*
    Touhou Hisoutensoku *3rd strike*
    You’re OUT! XD

    Mokou’s new pair of wings are AWESOME!
    But, you know, I was looking the objects search randomizing after looking the newly orderes list and… Even a prinny deity will explode when thrown, but create.swf-prinnies won’t explode!

  • Cool, a new game already!!
    Also, I just noticed:


  • OH GOD! ANOTHER GAME? This is so exciting. And is that Cirno’s silhouette on the cover. Man, I can’t stop shivering.

  • This is all amazing
    Speaking of 12.3…well…the 3 anyways
    If KirbyM releases 3 more Create.SWF updates,its 7 in a row!
    I bet Tewis next

  • OMGWTFBBG.The new game Touhou 12.3 release after UFO.Hooray!!!!!!!!!!
    (x100).I can’t wait to download it.Just one month to left and we all can play right?

  • unless, IT’S CIRNO’S TWIN ON THE COVER!!!!!!!!!!!

    i wonder if the hashihime will be in this game…. and rumia,flandre,tewi,and other characters……..

  • it’s been a whole week yet no daily flash… AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH-*sakuya stabs me*

  • what is this? Cirno on the cover?! will this be… the strongest touhou game?!

  • @TyrannoRexaur: create.swf is really Prinny Land.

  • Sorry for the double post, but Touhou Wiki has an English name for this game now: “Unthinkable Natural Law”.

  • I’m hoping Ichirin shows, so we can finally have the ultimate Jojo showdown between her and Sakuya.



  • No, no. Unzan needs to use Fist of the North Star. “AATATATATATATATATATATA … ATA!”

  • Wow, thanks for letting us know about Touhou 12.3. I was waiting for Cirno to become playable in one of the Touhou fighting games. She should be the strongest. No questions asked.

  • we know for a fact that it’s a fighting game…like swr…
    there’s a single in-game screenshot on the “product list” page lol
    It had reimu and marisa in it…so at least we know that it’s just not the 3 new characters in the whole entire game …

    we know for a fact that it’s 1500yen.. It’s cheaper than SWR by 500yen and the release date is just few weeks ahead…so don’t get your hopes up Too high…

    its 12.3 after all lol…not 12.5

    Personally i think its a direct port of SWR with an extra story mode including the 3 new characters.

    Dont get your hopes up too high….of course that’s kinda asking alot knowing cirno will be in there.

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