Videos for Aug 2, 2009

Today’s videos: An Urushi video for a new IOSYS album (I was surprised!), a parody of a Keroro ED, a PV starring the EoSD crew, and Night of Nights with video/sound from Japanese Fanta commercials. And then some links to two marasy videos on Nicovideo.




(Nicovideo / Original)





Here’s two marasy videos on Nicovideo (One, two), since he hasn’t uploaded them to YouTube yet.

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  • yay, videos, and just in time for my arrival in cambodia where youtube is available :D

  • I already saw the IOSYS PV, it’s not super, but the song is pretty catchy if I do say so myself. Urushi art never gets old either, y’know. I’ll comment on the others maybe later.

  • also, looks like I have another thing to get at comiket.

  • 1. Needs moar Koishi D: Still, it’s pretty nice! Hey, wait… Where’s Utsuho’s third leg?

    2. Reimu’s Keroro Gym?… Well, either way, why is there Sanae? We already got Sakuya.

    3. A fan would consider this a sort of ED for that fanmade EoSD anime on NicoNico.

    I’ll watch the others later.

  • Woo! Utsuho! With Satori! =D
    …And Orin! (I guess)

    I have nothing further to say regarding the matter.

  • -_- The Fanta commercials are messed up enough as is, do we really need to put it to Sakuya’s theme?

  • vid 1 loled
    vid 2 is nice , but i like Vocaloid version of this more
    vid 3 was epic on one or two levels.

    also needs moar Koishi, but anything Urushi is cool

    2) Keroro without Suwako is blasphemy, SANAE DOESN’T COUNT

    3) Pretty…damn…sweet.

    4) ………

    L1) Tohno…sleepy…beautiful…
    L2) Darn, that was already on his Museum of Marasy album. Kind of hoped for something new, though being able to watch it is cool.

  • I certainly was surprised as well! Urushi making the flash for a new IOSYS album. But regarding to it and the song themselves… what to say, I don’t really know, it’s IOSYS as always.

    The thing had more nico memes than I could count/recognize in it. The flash itself said これは酷い (this is horrible) at some part! But I guess that was all part of the ‘charm’.

  • @theshim Well, Sanae is something like 1/64th Suwako, amiright?

  • 1. Typical IOSYS stuff. We know it’s bad, but it’s addictive.
    2. Cute. But I like the Vocaloid version better, too.
    3. Apart from the singing it’s pretty awesome.
    4. Uhh.. ohh.. um… yeah.

    Marasy is still Marasingly awesome.

  • 1 – Awesome
    2 – What is going on????
    3 – Epic, don’t like the arrangement of the song though
    4 – If only the US had commercial like this..
    Marasy Vids- Epic, the Tohno arrangement reminds me of Chen’s Nekokota Festival, or whatever it was called.

  • I haven’t gotten a chance to watch them yet because I was too busy making the latest Scarlet Weather Archive. That said, I can’t help but think of the new video as “Okuu’s Perfect Gym Class.” |3

    Bed nao!

  • The first and second are ok, but the others are well……. Yeah

  • 1. Already said but this is nifty. Not the best PV, there aren’t a whole bunch of interesting parts, but the catchy song and Urushi art make up for it. (I think IOSYS’s has kinda outdone itself with Perfect Math Class, there haven’t been too many super interesting ones after that.)
    2. nice hairclip sanae (also I vaguely remember this song from somewhere and it’s not Keroro)
    3. Pretty neat animation, but if you don’t mind me saying I personally did not like the singer’s voice. It just rubbed me the wrong way if you ask me.
    4. personally i thought the dj was the best part

  • Wow! The animation in the third video was very nice. I noticed Remilia’s and Flanre’s wings were misplaced, but it was just a medium mistake.
    It’s a pity the song was so bad…

  • Hmm, realized I forgot to post this:
    YouTube / Nicovideo

    Didn’t appear in my YouTube favorites when I made this post; I guess the person who uploaded the video I favorited got banned or something.

  • The 4th video was pretty awesome.

    I’ve seen numbers 1 and 2 before too.

    Someone should make a Mario version with the Starman as the background music, I can’t do that because I lack skills :(

  • Loved the Full Metal Jacket and AGK reference in the first Vid.

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