Videos for Aug 16, 2009

Tons of videos! An IOSYS PV starring Suika (by Noya), an IaMP-themed EWI video by Winn, an IOSYS PV starring Alice, a PV starring Sakuya, some more Touhou characters sliding through a box (this one is a good one), a Touhou sound test thing with MoF stuff, Rumia+Hammer+REDZONE, hammer stole the precious thing, Sakuya and Remilia go brutal, a Keine thing, a Shugo Chara parody, and then a comparison version of Sakuya’s freakout with the original.

????Club Ibuki in Break All????


??????20?Demystify Feast?????















(Nicovideo / Original)





WOW Freakout VS Sakuya Freakout

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  • I was expecting a lot more Umineko videos by now, but IOSYS PV videos are good to.

  • Aww, no Create.swf update today?

    Moar IOSYS PV videos are always good. However, waiting for the new CD to be released on torrents is really starting to bug me..

  • 1. Heh, silly and wacky. And ecchi …

    2. Ah yes, I’ve seen that one, it was pretty awesome. My favorite bit was monster-Shanghai. If I had this version, I’d probably replace Demystify Feast in IaMP with that instead of No Mercy from Guilty Gear XX … Also, ENTIRE TEAM IS SWIMSUITS!

    3. I’m gonna fricking … g’drrhhh.

    4. Hmm … it makes Sakuya look badass, even before it shows her actually doing anything. Impressive. I’d be interested in getting a translation of the lyrics.

    5. XD XD XD

    6. Oh right … one of those videos … Aya and Sanae were cute doing that dance-thingy.

    *glances at the hammer ones* … right, let’s skip those.

    9. I prefer the original Koakuma and Patchy one …

    Eh, I’m not really iterested in the rest … :<

  • Hahaha, sooo many videos! Nice!

  • 1 – Awesome
    2 – Awesome Yuyuko battle is win
    3 – Awesome awesome. awesome ending. awesome story
    4 – Don’t like it.
    5 – Need moar UFO
    6 – Don’t Like it.
    7 – Awesome, animation and song is awesome
    8 – I have to admit, this is a pretty good arrangement of MStPT. The Dawn to’s were good.
    9 – …..wut
    10 – Agree or get caved. That is all I have to say.
    11 – Needs a WoW Kid yukkuri


  • Man, Keine is dangerous during that time of the month…

  • Mokou, Mokou, Mokou, Mokou-tan!~
    That and the box video…what a sugar rush.
    The Yukkuri in the freakout video was a nice touch too.
    A lot of good entries.

  • I see you’ve got some high quality videos thar, Walfas-san.

  • Box video is amusing

  • I’m scared of Keine now. Also,

    Hammer time!

  • @MarisaMuffin: Don’t underestimate the power of the wiki
    ( `-´)σ Sakkyun Light lyrics.

  • Waaaaa! my internet is so slow so the vidio litrelly take a 2 load

  • 1. SUCCESS!! Rock on, Suika!

    2. Swimsuit Galore!

    3. I wonder who’s the artist? The artwork looks similiar to Alice -> Dere

    4. There’s a Eng subs for this:


    6. This is hilarious! XD

    9. Sakuya and Remilia on crack!

    10. Caved.

    11. Shugo Chara! But the vid’s out-of-sync, Kirby.
    Should replace with this:

  • I got boxed xD

    wait, boxing day 3!

  • btw, good thing there are mikovideo sources, i can’t access youtube :P


  • Next time i see a box i’m going to slide into it (>∀<)

  • Lots of videos!

    1. Let’s just say: AWESOME!

    2. … That was… swimsuits… Am I in heaven? BTW, incredible battle scene.

    3. Good. and cute, but not my style.

    4. *silbido* Woah, it looks so awesome, getting into account there’s not really that much. Half of the video it’s on the effects… but that’s something good.

    5. BOXES | Exactly when you thought they couldn’t even funnier.

    6. More of this sound test things… AND I CAN’T DOWNLOAD!!!

    7. Incredibly, not as sick as I thought.

    8. Incredibly, as sick as I thought.

    9. WTF?

    10. Again… WTF?!

    11. Shugo Chara… I wonder if I would finish it.

    12. Didn’t saw it.

    2. wtf is up with Yuyuko, she’s gothic loli now?
    3. baka.
    4. when did Sakuya have a lazy eye?
    6. um, trees have mouths?
    7. Are we sure Rumia isn’t one of the mochi-pounding rabbits? o_o
    9. best drum solo ever.
    10. Moko-tan Matsuri Festival, whut
    11. nice trumpets and pianos and violins there. ^3^
    12. wow similaritys.

  • That Mokou-tan video was godly. Featured it on my channel.

  • @1: Lol, Packy. Reminds me of how they’re selling Pocky here in the UK but are calling it “Mikado”. But there are so many puns there which are flying straight over my head, orz. (“Remy Martin” → “Remi- marutan” → “Remi- mantan” → “Remii [something]-tan”?)

    @2: That… was epic. I love the theme, and Winn’s animation seems to be improving at an incredible rate. Even the fact that they’re all in swimsuits isn’t enough to make it seem more funny than cool.

    @3: My Japanese needs to improve before I can appreciate this.

    @4: HEI MEIDO CHOU!!! I feel sorry for Sakuya wherever Flandre is involved.

    @5: Sorry, I have very little respect for this meme, least of all when the video isn’t even in sync with the audio…

    @6: I’m glad I bothered to keep watching this one. It had me laughing by the end, and some of the animations were adorable. I think the SDM-themed Test In Touhou was better, but the atmospheres which those 2 videos are trying to achieve are totally different, so it’s not really fair for me to compare them like that. Plus, I would always prefer an SDM theme over an autumn theme, so yeah.

    @7: Whoa. Yes, it is a hammer, Rumia. By the way, the “so-“, “na no” and “ka-” samples used here are originally from this rather addictive game.

    @8: 3 videos making me laugh a lot, in a single post, KirbyM. This has to be a new record. Hearing a chiptune-style accompaniment makes me want to make a “singing motor” version of this, even though it will make people want to kill me… again.

    @9: …Err… Hmm… “Lol, knife and fork”?

    @10: It takes a lot to make me feel sorry for Mokou, but this video was enough to make me. I can sympathise with Keine’s moe-rush feelings, though.

    @11: Remilia has Mystia’s wings!

    @12: Meh, it was funny the first time I saw it, and the second time (once it had been completed), but… I think it may have run its course by now.

  • ANd 10 is why I don’t support Mokou/Keine. Keine is such a borderline stalker/yandere its not even funny.

  • There’s a pretty cool attempt at doing up team 9 with Hydain’s Four Elemental Fiends vocal:

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  • I came back to re-watch the videos in this post, but this is ridiculous! Seriously? Youtube made us ‘Banned to all but the Video’ (Mystia reference if you don’t get it).

    (Clearer Version: Stupid youtube took down many touhou videos why? Last time I checked, ZUN did’t mind the fandom at all.)

  • Well the reason why I include the title and the URL to the original video is to make it easy to find in case it gets taken down. Simply watch it on Nico or copy/paste the title and do a Google search.

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