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Added Shou Toramaru to create.swf! Also added two objects (Jeweled pagoda and spear). Anyhow, the background in the preview image is probably inaccurate, since I haven’t bothered making new backgrounds. If you’d like to suggest something (even if you’ve already done so in a previous post), it’d be a lot easier if you can find an image I can use as reference. Maybe I’ll just have one update where I just do a bunch of backgrounds and objects. Or not, who knows. Anyway, yeah. It’s Shou!

Edit: Woah, what’s this? Artifacts in a png image? No way! I guess I must have forgotten to select png from the dropdown menu when saving the file and just put it in the filename. Ah well, I don’t feel like remaking it.

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  • Artifacts in PNGs now? Huh.

  • Interesting… still hoping for a pipe organ in a future…

  • NoWaiThatsImpossible:O


  • WTF is Sanae up to? Shes still in her genocidal maniac mode?

  • I wonder if Shou noticed she’s in between two other Stage 5 bosses, both of whom could probably beat her quite readily, haha.


  • Funny that Nazrin’s superior is just a bigger cat.

  • Wow that Jeweled Pagoda looks accurate..

    My Requests:

    Palanquin Ship

    Character backs:
    Byakuren’s ……whatever it is….. precious thing stolen from Shinki

    Character eyes:
    Flashing red eyes (seen here)

    UFOs in blue red and green
    Extra life stars in green and pink
    Murasa and Nue’s Diamond danmaku
    Primeus (I can’t believe someone in AMERICA requested this, and ZUN listened.)

  • Is Shanghai going to be in EVERY pic…? XD

    Is the giant UFO characters the new thing?

  • Sukusuku Hakutaku as object next, pwease :3

  • …..and the thinner lasers that Satori (like spellcard 53, 99, and 109 of SA) and Yuugi (her non-spellcard with all the yin-yang enemies) use would also be useful.

  • Shou also manages to survive MAD SANAE and become HUEG. Will Byakuren also have the same power?

  • @Glenn: But Shou has OH GOD LAZERS EVERYWHERE and besides:

    Mouse < Cat < Tiger < Super Magical Ninetails Fox Ran-shama

    Yes, Chen wins in the end.

    …Wait, that wasn’t the point at all.

    Does anybody else think the Pagoda looks like a big blue bullet? Here and in-game.

  • I dunno, maybe I’m passively getting better at Touhou shooters, but at least on Easy and Normal, I thought Shou’s had some of the easiest laser patterns. Not like Yuugi’s stage where I’m brutally slaughtered without mercy.

    I suppose a food chain in Gensokyo is irrelevant though, as everything eventually ends up in Yuyuko’s stomach.

  • @Glenn
    Yuyuko eats cats?
    She must be chi-no,thats racist. Nevermind.

  • Looks like Chen and Orin got Shou’n who’s the boss.

  • Muffin – That’s some Increadibly Lame Pun right there… ._.

    I wonder if there’s going to be an update with the Lotus Archive (whatever that is) Yukari? ^^;

  • @MarisaMuffin: Oh my gosh

    and by that I mean “I love it”

  • Needs more giant catfish.

  • wat’s up with all giant ufo characters in close up?

  • Hey KirbyM, nice work on it. I wonder what lies on Hajiri~

  • @KirbyM: Thank you, thank you … I would’ve made a Horatio Caine bit out of it, but it would’ve been caught in the spamblocker, prolly … :3

    Oh yeah, requesting, um, Koishi’s third-eye except open, and when you do Nue, needs a glowing blue ball object, like the stage 4 and 6 midboss.

    Oh, also, a background with a geyser! (possibly separate spouting- and not-spouting-geyser object(s)?)

  • Backgrounds:
    Lake of blood (from Lotus Land Story)
    Hisou Tensoku/Primeus’ stage in UNL
    Nameless Hill
    Airship (Murasa Style)
    Airship (Yumemi Style)

  • @Glenn: I agree with that except for the annoying curving lasers and the OH GODDAM GREEN CROSS OF DEATH.

    I wonder how it looks on hard. Gotta check that later.

  • Requests:
    The spooky hallway or clock from Touhou Sound Test
    Dracula’s throne room from Castlevania: SOTN. (Look up ‘What is man? origin’ and you should find it.)
    Gladiator Arena

    Excellence, thank you for your blogs and works, Ki!

  • Sanae: Okay, I’ll pass you guys again while you guys are having your buisnesses..On to stage 6!

  • I don’t wanna imagine all the funny story about those girls, a mouse, a tiger that protect the mouse of the two cats.

    that will be a relationship like Ran & chen xDDD

  • When adding the red-green eyepairs, how about adding a white rose on the left/right eye as accesory?

  • How about in front of the clock tower of scarlet mansion?

  • Purple Rose Eyepatch
    PCB Marisa’s Scarf as Accessory
    Background from the final stage of Meiling’s Scenario
    Zen Garden of Hakugyokurou
    And Pikachu as an object

    That is all.

  • The background of chi- Meiling’s final stage looks to be really popular… why don’t you add tragalda- that big mouthed one-bite-kill fish from Mario Bros. 3?

  • Because of Reisen’s alternate outfits in Hisoutensoku, I want to see some VOCALOIDs (or their outfits).

  • Speaking of Reisen’s VOCALOID outfits, anyone else noticed Alice’s outfits greatly resembles the colour schemes of the Rozen Maidens? (most notably Suigintou’s, but there is a Boku and a Desu if you look closely)

  • I’m glad we think the same thing with this whole “tiger kicks cat’s ass because they are bothering mouse”.

  • Oni Neko- You’re right. There’s a Shinku palette for both Alice and Sakuya. And there’s also Kanaria, Hinaichigo and what looks like Kirakishou for Alice.

    Though, now that I think about it, Yukari seems to have something that looks like Kanaria as well…

  • As if Alice’s Rozen Maiden color scheme wasn’t obvious enough, note that the colors are in order of the Rozen Maiden doll numbers, beginning with Suigintou (doll #1). This has to be intentional.

    There’s a ton of other references in 12.3’s palette swaps for the other characters too.

  • I remember seeing other references which I found rather hilarious (One particular one was besides Miku rabbit, there was what seemed like a Kagamine Rin scheme for Reisen).

  • Found it. It’s Ranka Lee in your Reisen. I’m starting to see a pattern here.


  • @FLAPJACK, @Ken Nugent:

    Whole lotta irrelevant spam goin’ on here.

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