Create.swf – Sanae (Revised)

Added a revised version of Sanae to create.swf. Also included in this update: Mishaguji-sama (glowy purple frog God thing), blue frog, blue frog (jumping), CD, VHS tape, Gas mask (as object and hat). Happy boxing day!

More importantly, Thefre has added a new feature: Theater mode! There is now a scene menu at the top left of the interface. Instead of having to keep the flash file open to retain your data, you can now save them in scenes and come back to them later. Scenes are split into parts, and with theater mode enabled, you can use the arrow keys to conveniently switch between parts after hiding the interface with spacebar. A better explanation can be found in the video Thefre made:

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  • B-but… Hina’s old hat update… DX


    Now if only this hadn’t happened in the middle of a story-arc … oh well, I can handle stuff later! :3

  • Oh goody! Now I can laze off Walfas projects I’m working on! (Speaking of which, I still gotta do that Cool Hwhip parody…)

  • This update rocks. This is an awesome Walfas-style Christmas Present! Thanks Thefre and KirbyM!

  • Best. Update. Ever.

    Dammit, I need to update my blog too, and it’s 23PM Dx

  • Theater Mode = YES



  • @Aki: Correction! A winner is Thefre!

  • Epic update is EPIC

  • Hats off to Thefre for some much-appreciated script programming…and an amusing tutorial demo.

  • This is genius. Especially since the giant catfish appears. :D


    Wait, since when could you save characters, too?

  • Saving characters was implemented several updates ago.

    I will probably be making more tutorial videos, so if anyone has any requests for a tutorial on something, comment here and I’ll see what I can do about it.

  • NoWaiThatsImpossible:O!

    Sanae got Chen’d >:3!!!

  • I’m still up for the MoF waterfall background. Also, a revised version of the original Hina Ribbon would be nice.

  • I’m probably just being stupid, but I can’t get create.swf to run locally on my computer anymore and I’m not sure why I am unable to. Any ideas?

  • How far does it get? Does the create.swf open up at all? If so, does it show a blank screen or does something else happen? Is there an error message?

  • I wonder what such a good girl could have done to deserve a face-Chen…

  • Awesome! And I don’t even have to bumble around for an hour trying to figure it out!

  • Oh, that Chen…

  • @SomethingUnreal: Yukari? Chuck Norris? Chi- I mean, Meiling? Capt. Falcon?

    I think that nobody can defeat Chen, even her mistress.

  • @Mikan: What about another, palette-swapped Chen?

  • Aw man, if only you made this update BEFORE my link got closed. I coulda saved it. D:

    Thanks anyway. This’ll make my work easier, not having to do one scene in one go. :D

  • Yup, only chen can defeat Chen.

  • Oh yeah, I just noticed that there’s a character that hasn’t been updated into create.swf yet, but in this same post, she’s told to be fake, but regardless…


  • Isn’t Mishaguji-sama those white, red-eyed snakes?
    Oh well, it’s still an awesome update!

  • In case anyone else has been fooling around with the new features and has been getting confused. You need to “save scene” before you switch to a different part, otherwise you’ll lose your work on the part you’re on.

  • Oh yes, “New Part” will save the part you’re working on now, but loading a different part won’t save the current part you’re working on. I’ll annotate this onto the tutorial video later.

  • Um, I’ve mentioned this on Heavenly Pandemonium, but saving scenes doesn’t change the Bubble-X/Y/rotation/scale, just the overall X/Y/rotation/scale … loading a scene just shows bubbles with their default size, which looks silly when it’s single-word monosyllables. (Also requesting scene-DNA so you can save ’em offsite!)

    For KirbyM, I am requesting a bald/”none” hair, specifically for the purposes of photoshop-hax when I want to deal with bits right next to the character’s face without interference from their hair. And a Solid Snake-style bandanna. And a balaclava. And eye #69 as an accessory that goes between hair and eyes, like so!

  • Hmmm, can you consistently recreate this bubble problem? I haven’t found a way to do so yet and, much like in the tutorial video, my bubbles save and recreate perfectly. What steps do you use to create the bubbles that do not save properly?

    Also, scene DNA? More like scene xml!

  • Thefre is pro! So is Walfas!

    Theatre mode, I gotta try this out some time!

  • @Thefre: It’d still be nice to have it halfway-soon, but I digress. And I was changing the size and whatnot entirely in the the Options-menu, not dragging-to-resize or anything at all. It doesn’t save unless I hit M to resize stuff manually. I’ve also discovered that it also doesn’t save general-scale if you resize it entirely through Options, but it does save both types of rotation.

  • Apple Core
    MoF Stage 6 Background (
    Onbashira as seperate object
    Kanako’s Back Thing (no, not the cannons and shimenawa) (
    Reimu’s Orbs used for Fantasy Heaven ( close to the bottom)

  • That’s what eye’d wanna see next update. Oh, sorry for double posting.

  • Letsee…

    bald/”none” hair
    Solid Snake-style bandanna.
    a balaclava.
    Black Gothic-ish parasol (From the GuruGuru Danma game)
    Red Moon BG

    Good luck, guys, Mu~

  • Hey, you stole my requests! ;3

    *ahem* Anyway, a weirder bug just happened: okay, first of all, when you load a scene, the Background-menu doesn’t get updated with the loaded-settings. It loads just fine, but when you open the Background menu, the settings are whatever it had been previously (i.e. if you create a background with size 120, X=30, Y=40, save, hit “default,” and then load, the background-settings will still say scale 100, X=0, Y=0). Presumably this also applies to the other background-settings.

    But there’s something stranger: I saved a scene, then closed it and came back … but when I went to open create.swf again and loaded it again, a bunch of things in Utsuho’s Background were shifted slightly, apparently exactly one pixel when in 150% scale, the red light in the center shifted up, and the yellow sigils were all moved one pixel to the left. And now, even though I’ve closed it several times, and even deleted the saved scene and closed it and reloaded again, nothing I’m doing has changed it back. It doesn’t even matter whether I open it in IE or Firefox or what. Rather disconcerting.

  • If you were viewing the create.swf online, then the unusual change may have taken place when the bubble options thing was fixed.

    For the background, apparently I forgot to save whether the bg autoscaled or not, but that should default to whatever you had selected at the time. Whenever the fix goes up, it will actually save this setting and update the Background menu when scenes are loaded.

    The slight shift may have been because it was trying to load the scale from a string rather than a number before. This should be fixed too.

  • This may be a bit of a geeky/odd question but… where are the scenes saved to in the machines’s cache?

    If I wanted to make backups of my projects, what folder would I have to zip?

  • @Thefre: No, I hadn’t downloaded it since last night. It works now, I think!

    And the background seems to have stayed shifted. Oh well, not like anyone will notice unless they’ve read this …

  • Oh yeah! Also, it apparently doesn’t save snapshots! This could cause some issues …

  • Oh yes, at this time, saving snapshots and imported images, along with toys is impossible. The reason for snapshots not being savable is similar to why there is no automatic online generation of screenshots. It will take up a lot of space to save them, except on your computer, which may not seem like much, but has a multitude of potential problems due to the nature in which data is saved in flash. Though I do intend to support saving of imported images at a later point, there are some other features I wish to focus on first. While I would like to have the ability to save snapshots, I will probably have to change the way they work first.

    I will annotate the thing about snapshots and toys not being saved as part of the scene in the tutorial video. If you do find any problems other than this, let me know. I do want to prioritize cleaning out all the bugs in the current system before adding on new things.

  • Completely crazy idea for how to handle screenshots: have them save either the “scene” of the screen and the screen-size when you hit S, or the URL of the imported image, and have this get saved in the “screenshot” object itself. This would probably create all kinds of bugs in and of itself, especially given how recursive the former situation might get …

  • Well, even though Theatre Mode has some flaws…


  • Can I hide or remove a scene menu? It is too obvious for me.

  • Whups, deadly bug! If you save a scene with a colon in a speech balloon, and then load the scene (or part), it appears blank until you set the font, and everything from the colon until the end is lost.

  • A suggested fix occurred to me, too — rather than “first colon-delimited bit is text, second one is font”, make “last one is font, and clum the rest together, separating them with colons, to make text.”

  • Nice suggestion, but colons delimit more than just font and text so it’s not quite as simple as first and last like it was for DNA and -. However, I have solved it by simply replacing all the colons inside the text with a placeholder when saving and simply turn them all back into colons when it’s loaded.

    It seems easier to do it this way than trying to find which colons to ignore, and changing delimiter or rearranging the order of variables would break any saved scenes created thus far.

    As for hiding the scene menu, are you referring to the scene indicator on the top left that opens up the scene menu? The only way to hide this is to press spacebar to hide the interface.

  • Kay. What is the placeholder, so we don’t accidentally get unexpected behavior from that?

  • //cln//

    I was thinking of /cln/ but then if for some reason someone had a URL that had a cln folder in it for whatever reason, then it wouldn’t get turned into a :. At least even if someone did want to put //cln// in the text for whatever weird reason, it wouldn’t break the text bubble, but instead just show a mysterious : instead.

  • We also need sad faces. All of the faces on create.swf are either happy or neutral.

  • And one more request:
    When you save a character with the same name as another saved character, could you get create.swf to automatically put a two in parenthesis when you hit the save button? (Dupe, Dupe (2))

    Marisa (2)

  • >>press spacebar
    Oh, How stupid am I. I can’t believe I had not notice such a simple way.
    Thank you! I can make stories easier!

  • Okay, this is probably a stupid problem with a simple solution, but…
    Whenever I make any kind of bubble with text, and save/move on to another part and go back to the previous part, the text changes to “undefined”.
    Is it just because I run create.swf offline?

  • that’s an interesting question, but the answer should be no. Saving offline should not be any different than online. It’s possible the latest hotfix got screwed up somewhere. I’ll get back to you when I know more details.

  • It has been fixed. If you are getting undefined speech bubbles then you should refresh or redownload.

  • Thank you, it works fine now~

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