College Acceptance

This is definitely super-important, so rather than putting it in at the end of today’s other post, it gets its own post!

KirbyM got accepted to college and is speaking in the third person!

I applied early decision to Cooper Union for engineering (The school I was touring in this blog post), and I got in! I opened the envelope and the first thing I saw was the word “congratulations,” and I was all “woahhh!” in my head. It’s four years of free tuition (I think the only thing I have to pay for is a fee of $800 a semester and books), and it’s incredibly selective (I think each graduating class has only 120 people), so I was definitely surprised when I found out.

My student resume wasn’t incredibly impressive, my SAT II score for physics (640) wasn’t too great either, and I didn’t feel like my short answer questions were really that good. I didn’t have anyone edit it at all, I just sorta rambled on for six pages, printed it out, and sent it in. For the question “What aspects of The Cooper Union attract you?” (like how all those other colleges always ask “why are you interested in this college?”), I basically wrote three paragraphs about how I wanted to go there because it was free. I only mentioned the academic offerings of the school in two words (those two words were “academic offerings”), and it was only to say that for many families during this financial crisis, price takes priority over academics and location.

I guess the one big thing I can think of is the fact that I talked about in the “What do you enjoy doing outside of school?” question, and provided them with a URL. So yes, we may have had some admissions officers watching us in the past month (if you’re still here, feel free to leave some comments if you haven’t already been doing so!). Actually, I just realized that I mentioned the site in every college application I sent out (8 schools), so… yeah, there may be a lot more college admissions officers browsing this site than I may have thought.

It could have been the site, or maybe it’s that they liked the things my teachers wrote in their recommendation letters.

Anyway, now that I know I got in (and it’s early decision, so I have to go or they’ll yell at me), I don’t have to worry about writing those other college application essays I was going to do over winter break, and the December SAT II scores I’ll get in two days won’t matter at all (but I’ll still be looking forward to finding out what I got). Now all I have to do is tell my friends (one of them got in too) that I got deferred or rejected and watch their reactions when I tell them I was kidding.

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