Walfas 2-year Anniversary

It’s August 26th, and you know what that means! Well, maybe not, but I will tell you! As of today, Walfas has been around for two whole years (yes, really)! So in celebration, here is a blog post with a ton of links to posts made in the past year, just like last year’s anniversary post! Expect much reminiscing.

Here’s twenty-something somewhat-interesting daily flashes, because I couldn’t narrow it down to just ten!

SI Units
Emergency brakes (introduction of secret ends)
Newspapers (Happy Alice)
Happy 200?
Carnot Engine (The strongest engine!)
Courtroom Shows (Judge Sikieiki Yamaxanadu)
TV Remotes
Capacitors (Microferrets!)
Daylight Saving
Image verification
Gerrymandering (Pokemon!)
Secrecy (on the APs) (That character)
Side effects
Eye contact (On the subway)
Unnecessary Research (100 random possibilities)
Safely Removing Hardware

The next three are more important!
Daily flash #200
Tablet (When I got a tablet and stopped drawing with a mouse!)
Beowulf (Five-part series involving Beowulf!)

And then there was the 8-part animated documentary about animation that I did for a school project!

This year, I did a lot more animations than last year, though all of them were simple looped ones. Here are three of the series:
Suwako vs Kanako
Marisa’s Book Stealing Adventure™
Twuck conflict
(There’s also the series of badly-colored animations, but that’s pretty recent)

And of course, this year was the beginning of Walfas merchandise being sold at Japanese Touhou conventions (and in an online shop, but the Touhou stuff was put on hold)!
Scarlet Square (?-crew folders)
Reitaisai 6 (Yuyuko keychain)
Fuhai Komachi 5 (Kaguya keychain + Talka meets ZUN!)
Akatsuki no Utage (create.swf folders)
Comiket 76 (Aki sisters folders)

And now for a bunch of things involving Walfas and Japan!

Remember the MAIKAZE Touhou anime thing? A memorable event indeed!

And that one video (?? in the Walfas) made by someone on Nicovideo!

And when another person took the Y?USEI flash, translated it into Japanese, and added a nifty Cirno-themed arrange of the music from the original Usatei! Unfortunately, the YouTube video got taken down, but the one on Nicovideo is still there!

Remember the Touhou story flashes? Well… yeah. There was one real one this year: The Parsee Christmas flash! Unless you count the second boxing day flash, that is. Gosh, I never even got around to finishing that SWR flash I started on a really really long time… but I don’t think that idea is going anywhere. I have one new idea and don’t know when I’ll get around to making it into a flash, but it’ll probably pop up unexpectedly within the next year, so look out for it! Hopefully.

Then there was the second April Fools day flash! Unlike the one from last year, this one actually loaded! But to no avail.

And for some real-life stuff, there was when I was accepted to college! Yeah!

The site has definitely come a long way since the first post, which seems horribly outdated now. The site has no random IRC/forum things or stuff about anime I’m watching, Hidamari Sketch first season subs have long been finished and a third season was recently announced. Wong’s site isn’t really about Touhou anymore, but I’d still like to thank him for inspiring me to make a blog in the first place. While I’m on the subject of giving thanks, I’d also like to thank Iori E. Even though he doesn’t really make Touhou parody videos anymore, I really enjoyed it back when he did, and I guess it was part of my inspiration to make some of the stuff I’ve made.

And finally, something I haven’t posted on here before, but I guess now would be a good time to do so. Winn made a comment on Twitter: “????????????????????????KirbyM???????????????????????” which a friend explained to me: “Winn is saying that it must be said that his creation of videos with chibi characters was mainly inspired by your videos.” Winn then went on to say (in English): “It is not exaggeration, your flash is one of my starting point!” It’s certainly nice to hear that Winn was inspired by the site and the stuff I’ve made on here, and I was very happy to hear that from him, considering how awesome his videos are!

And now I will end this post abruptly.

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  • Happy 2 year anniversary! Keep up the great work!!!


    BTW, You think make a halloween flash this year?

  • Happy 2 years, man! Go for 3 now!

    Wait… You inspired Winn to put chibi characters? Holy damn, Walfas is related to so many awesome Touhou things!

  • That you’ve inspired WINN makes me really happy, as I love his videos and he’s one of the reasons why I really want an EWI.

    As for you, good job on 2 years. Would you like some waffles?
    Sorry, there are no waffles. Congratulations on your 2-year anniversary are stuck in a tree.

  • happy two year aniversary.

    Heres hoping that you continue on for even longer.

    also, I uploaded the heartful nekoromancer flash from the mesopota cd that was realesed at comiket to youtube, so you may want to have a look at it.

  • D’awwwwwwwwwww Happy anniversary ^^

  • Yay! Happy two years of Walfas!!

  • Im glad you Disabled comments I was almost Fooled into Trying to get Precious First but now Taking the time to read this entire post I really Have alot to say of my experience with walfas.
    First I Just want to say a big congratulations on This Populer and wonderful Website you got going Here and on the 2 Year Mark….I Started Checking the blog Everyday In February and have become quite the fan…
    Back Before I knew what Walfas was I would simply See the Walfas Styled Characters around the internet as I tend to hang out on alot of Touhou related Websites and Such and Never quite knew what Walfas Meant or even what it was….When I Saw the Cirno is a genius Videos I Was Lead to This website and Soon Caught on to the awesome daily flashes and Create.SWF.
    As Far as I know This website Caught on Fast to the touhou Community in its uniqueness And has spawned many Fans Around the world Im quite sure.
    In hopes of Many More Years of walfas to come lets all Give Cheers to KirbyM and KirbyM’s wonderful website Walfas.

  • Happy Anniversary~

    It’s really cool to hear that about Winn. In a sense, you have two things to be congratulated upon!

  • Two years, huh? It seems like yesterday when I first heard about lil’o waffles. (☄゚∀゚)☄ Happy 2 years, congrats, etcetera! ヾ(゜∀゜)ノ♪

    (also, I had no idea you were involved in the Maikaze fanime.)

  • Now walfas is an important part of Touhou universe, congrats!

  • Happy 2 year anniversary. It has been so long. Now I’m wondering how did I find you? Whatever the reason is I still going to support you.

  • My, my. Someone’s had a busy year. But yeah, happy 2-year anniversary!

  • If one year is amazing, two are AWESOME!

    Keep up the good work, K ;)

  • Congrats KirbyM! I’ve been enjoying your site since it was only a few months old. Here’s to many more years (hopefully)!

  • Congratulations! =’)

    I suppose now is a good time to mention that it was you who introduced me to the Touhou universe. Another achievement, and one I really want to thank you for.
    So… Thank you. =’D

  • Two years? No way, that’s impossible!

    OK, used up my quota of Walfas-related phrases. :3 Congrats on your continued success and I hope to continue seeing entertaining things from Walfas in the future. ^^


    (and make sure to buy some Cheezits… to celebrate of course)

  • Wow 2 years… Congrats!

    Here’s to looking forward to another ⑨ years of guessing your gender!


  • Hmm … does that mean school swimsuits and EWI are going to be going into create.swf? :3

  • No way! That’s impossible!!
    I never would have guessed that you inspired WINN.
    Happy Anniv-AWESOMERY!

    Congrats on two years of Walfas, one of the websites I waste most of my time on! (Other than Safebooru.com)

  • I’ve come to congratulate. I’ll talk more abotu it… In a couple of hours. BTW, it really surprised me, 2 years o.O!

    Really, congratulations and blesses for you and this place about… things XD

  • So, not in commemoration of this event since I’d already been doing this: new Scarlet Weather Archive in Japanese Red!

  • WOO long live walfas!

  • Good show!

  • congrats! i’m actully crying an rolling on the floor

  • >Hidamari Sketch first season subs have long been finished and a third season was recently announced.

    You deserve a medal for announcing this.

  • Congratulations.

  • Grats on your second year Walfas!
    Boy.. its been a long time since I posted on here…

  • HOORAY!!!oneoneone
    Walfas still goes on strong.

  • Congrats! Definitely one of the coolest things for me is to see how the Japanese community reacts to your works via Nicovideo and more recently Pixiv.

    Hopefully over the next year you’ll be able to come out with more impressive merchandise. *nudge nudge wink wink*

  • Happy second one.
    By mentioning that about Winn, you just gone up in my list of “Most Awesome People in the World”.

  • Yayz!!
    Happy 2 year anniversary!

    Parsee is jealous.

  • Keep it up with the good job! :3

  • OH! Hooray Anniversary!!!!

    2 years??? wow AWESOME!!!! \(= w =)/

  • 2 years huh?

    Damn I’ve been here for more than a year then.

  • Ironically, that was my birthday as well.

  • Yay, congratulations!

  • I can’t believe I forgot :(

  • Happy 2 years!!!

    this site is AWESOME

  • yay! 2 years!

    congrats :D

    btw, walfas sounds like waffles to me…


  • Wow. So Winn was directly inspired by you? That’s freakin’ insane. XD

    Congrats to KirbyM, and the continued embedding of Walfas into the Touhou fandom on both sides of the Pacific!

  • Happy 2nd website on stuff about stuff!

  • Happy 2nd anniversary, Walfas!

    (From a lurker who visits your site almost everyday!)

  • Congrats on your 2nd anniversary! I only posted here a couple of times but I’ve been visiting the site everyday for quite a long time now. In fact, Walfas was one of the first things that interested me about Touhou besides the official stuff. Keep up the good work and thanks for everything!

  • Ah, two years already. My, how the time flies. I stumbled upon Walfas for the first time about a year ago, you know, maybe more, maybe less, I dunno, but it was about the day where there was the Daily Flash about Sandcastles. I guess I ought to thank you, you know, because the fantastic stuff here was what really got me into Touhou. So thanks, I guess!

    Also the thing with WINN? That’s fantastic, right there, you know. Good for you! :D

  • Happy 2nd Anniversary!

    I’d like to have a sidewalk-at-the-ocean-background for create.swf please.

  • Congratulations! I’m really impressed that you were Winn’s inspiration. Who could have imagined huh?

  • I’ll end my lurking break to say happy 2 year anniversary Walfas!

  • Wow! It certainly has been crazy. And it hasn’t stopped at Winn, you inspired a lot of other people too :)

  • キタ━━━( ´∀`)・ω・) ゚Д゚)゚∀゚)・∀・) ̄ー ̄)´_ゝ`)-_)゚∋゚)´Д`)゚ー゚)━━━!!!!

    HOORAY!!ヽ(゚∀゚ )ノ

    It feels like it has been one whole year since I randomly watched the Flan sex video on Mikovideo. Because it has.

    So, you apparently inspired Winn. That was unexpected. Surely you didn’t inspire the swimsuits idea as well… right?

    Microferret encounters Gerrymander!
    Microferret uses Flash!
    Gerrymander uses Avoid Eye Contact!
    Flash doesn’t cause any effect!
    Gerrymander uses Gerrymandering!
    Microferret uses Thunderbolt!
    Both adversaries explode in a rainbow!!

    Hooray (ノ゚∀゚)ノ:。・:*:・゚’★,。・:*:♪・゚’☆ーーー!!!!



  • Congratulations!

  • Imperishable Fairy

    A lot of things really have happened this year… It feels like it’s been much longer actually.

    You inspired Winn’s videos? That is AWESOME!

    Hopefully you make some Touhou flash this year, or something completelly different, which is more likely.

    Yesterday >_>

  • happy 2 aniversary!
    this two years passed really fast…hope who the next year,be more AWESOME than this one…for you and all here! n_n

  • Huh. I just discovered this place this Sunday. I have to say, the awesomeness than goes into these flashes is just about as much awesome as Long-Haired Character puts into her exclaimations of “AWESOME!”

    Happy two years, and a Cirno-esque “HOORAY!” to you.

  • Belated congratulations on the anniversary!

  • anyways happy anniversary! you know, i only came here for touhou posts but i guess that i began to like evrything else you put up too, keep up the good work! :3

  • Hooray!

    Happy birthday to Walfas!!



    (Reimu_hax.swf …. Walfas end…. (DAAAAAAAAANNNNN!!!11))

  • Why do I always miss these days?
    Well, congratulations!

  • G: You are not alone

    Anyway, congratulations!.
    Ummm, I feel something weird on my back (*Parsee is on his back*).

  • Yup… we had a good year. And by “we” I mean you… and your site… and your followers. Also, WINN = the person who makes those “EWI” instrumental videos? That’s awesome. Here’s to another year of awesome and impact.

  • Wow, that’s strange. Walfas’s 2 year anniversary just happened to be on my birthday. But nevertheless, happy (belated) anniversary.

  • Happy 2nd anniversary!!

    I’ve never left commentary but this time I had to do it. Seriously.


    ( ゚∀゚)つ[CAKE]
    ( ゚∀゚)つ[CAKE]
    ( ゚∀゚)つ[CAKE]
    ( ゚∀゚)つ[CAKE]

    The beauty is blinding ಥ_ಥ

  • Happy birthday Walfas!

  • Congratz Kirbster!

    I also must express my amazement at how you inspired WINN. haha, you must feel proud. XD;

    I’m very much interested in how stuff from here finds its way back to Japan, and I follow your stuffs for that reason. haha Maybe I should write a paper on it…. or start a blog….. *ponders*

    Well, I hope your 3rd year is also filled with good stuff! :3

  • I am very late! But please allow me to say:
    Two years is a rather long time! Inspirationally long even!
    I’m serious! You are an inspiration!

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